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The Patreon app helps creators stay connected with their members and manage their Patreon on the go. With the app, you can create and share your work, chat with your members, monitor your business stats, and more.

To get started, download the latest version of the Patreon app for your device:

The app has a bottom menu that lets you access different features. In this guide, we’ll show you how to use each one and how to make the most of the Patreon app as a creator.


Make sure you follow this guide while in your creator profile. Tap your profile picture in the top right corner of the home screen to use the profile switcher. This switcher button allows you to adjust your view of the app between creator view and member view.

Overview Home-tab.png

When you log in, you will land on the Overview tab Home-tab.png where you can review your latest business stats and changes to your member list.


The overview screen is where you’ll find your essential business stats, including total members and an estimation of your earnings per month. You’ll also get updates on new and canceled members. You can welcome new members by sending them a direct message. Tap the envelope icon next to a member’s name on the Overview tab to start composing a direct message.

Creator profile

To access more actions from the Overview tab Home-tab.png tap on your profile picture in the top right corner. This will open a menu with several options:

Switch to member profile

This is the profile switcher where you can alternate between member and creator profiles. If you are on your member profile, you’ll see Switch to creator profile instead

This is where you can access your creator account settings. From here, you can:

Support The support screen is where you can consult our help center, submit a support request, and check the version and build of the Patreon app you are currently using
Log out Select this option to log out of your Patreon account

Communicating with your members

The Community tab in the bottom menu bar is where you can engage with your members in different ways. You can use the chat feature to start group conversations with your members or the direct messages feature to send individual messages to your members and customers.


Chat with your members

A community chat is a space for group conversation among your Patreon community, helping you foster deeper connections among your members and allowing them to build relationships with one another.

  1. Tap the Community tab in the bottom menu bar
  2. You’ll land on the Chats screen – If this is your first time creating a chat, you’ll need to agree with the chat guidelines
  3. From here, you can either tap on the + icon to start a new chat or tap on any existing chats to view and send messages to any existing chat

You can customize your community profile by tapping on your profile image after engaging with a message and tapping the three dots More.png menu > Edit profile UserEdit.png

Learn more about how community chats work for creators.

Message your members and customers

From the Community tab also have the option to check your creator inbox and message your members and customers directly.

  1. Tap the Community tab in the bottom menu bar
  2. To access your direct messages, tap on the Inbox tab Message.png in the top right corner – this will take you to your inbox, where you’ll find responses from members and any new messages from members who have reached out directly to you
  3. You can tap on an existing message to see a past conversation or tap on the + icon at the top right corner to start a new message thread

Creating a post Compose.png

Creating posts is easy and convenient with the Patreon app, so you can create and share content with your members on the go.

  1. ​​Tap on the Make a Post tab Compose.png from the bottom menu bar
  2. You can create a text post, upload an image or video from your phone camera or phone library, or embed a URL
  3. When typing the description of the post, a text formatting menu will appear at the bottom – From this menu, you can select different formatting options for your description or tap on the image icon to add an inline image
  4. When you're happy with your post, tap Next, and this will take you to the Post Settings, where you can further edit your post – you can edit things like who can see this post, and you can also add the post to a collection
  5. You can Publish, Schedule your post to publish later, or exit the post editor. We'll save your progress in Drafts if you exit

Your shop

iOS in-app purchases for Commerce are currently accessible to fans in select countries and currencies. Visit our iOS in-app purchases: country & currency page for more information about where iOS in-app purchases are currently supported. This impacts creators selling products through Commerce. Learn more about how iOS in-app purchases work for Commerce and your options for pricing iOS products.

If you sell digital products, your shop has a dedicated tab in the Patreon app where fans can easily buy, access, and enjoy your work. From the shop tab, you can also manage your digital products directly from the app.

Tap on the Self view tab Patreon.pngat the bottom menu bar and tap the Shop tab to browse through your shop. Your shop view includes filters so that you can view your products from new to old, old to new, from A to Z, and from Z to A. By default, your products will appear in order from new to old. You'll also be able to filter products by published and unpublished status. 

You can manage your products by tapping on the three dots button More.png next to a product and selecting one of the following:

Edit Pencil (1).png

By tapping Edit Pencil (1).png you can edit the product’s title, price, member pricing, description, and preview images. Once a product is published, you cannot edit the original uploaded file(s) product, but you can delete it and replace it with a new file. If the product is a downloadable file. You can also add more files to the same product.
Insight Chart.png Tap the Insights button Chart.png to analyze sales and earnings details specific to that product. 
Share Share.png If a product is published, you can share the link to your product page on socials by tapping Share Share.png.  You can also embed your product into a live Patreon post to promote your product with members who don’t get access for free.
Publish Vectors.jpg/Unpublish ViewOff.jpg You can Publish/Unpublish products at any time. Unpublished products will no longer be available in your shop. Customers who have already purchased this product will still have access to it. 
Delete Delete.jpg Tap Delete Delete.jpg to remove a product from your shop. Customers who already purchased it will also lose access. If you want existing customers to still have access, you can unpublish the product instead.


Viewing and Managing your Notifications Bell.png

You can quickly check and manage your notifications by tapping on the Notifications tab Bell.png from the bottom menu bar. You will see a list of all your in-app notifications, ordered chronologically and separated between New (unseen) and Earlier (Already seen).


Notifications are aggregated daily and by the actions taken by members. For example, you'll receive one daily notification for all new members who joined that day. You'll also receive daily notifications for individual posts that your members engaged with (i.e., likes or comments).

Tap on a notification to review post engagement, respond to comments, directly message new members, or keep the conversation going in chats.

At the top right corner, you’ll find a Settings tab Gear.png where you can review your email and push notification settings.


Viewing and managing your page Patreon.png

By tapping on the Self view tab Patreon.png at the bottom menu bar, you can view your Patreon as a member would see it. This view allows you to view your own Patreon page, so you can manage your posts, pick up where you left off on drafts, schedule a post, and edit existing posts. This view makes it easy to see how posts, comments, and chats appear to your members.

In the self view Patreon.png you’ll land on the Home screen for your page. From here, you can see what your members see and access your Collections, Chats, and more.

If you’re looking for a specific post, you can search and filter through your posts by tapping on the search Search.png icon in the top right corner.

By tapping the three dots More.png at the top right corner, you can check your About screen, Share your Patreon with fans, and get your Audio RSS link.

Comments and Likes

  1. Tap the self view tab Patreon.png from the bottom menu bar to view your Patreon
  2. From the Home screen in this view, you’ll see all your posts listed chronologically by post date
  3. Tap on the post you want to interact with to comment or like that post, or to read and reply to member comments


Manage posts

  1. Tap the self view tab Patreon.png from the bottom menu bar to view your Patreon
  2. Tap the Manage posts button at the bottom of the screen to view your list of Published posts, Drafts, and Scheduled posts
  3. Select a post from the list and tap the three dots More.png in the top right corner of the screen for a menu of actions. You can Edit, Delete, Copy the link, or Share a published post
  4. If you tap on a draft post, you can resume the process of creating that post from where you left off and publish it when you’re ready

Dark Mode

Adjusting your mobile device settings in your phone to “dark” will automatically apply Dark Mode to the Patreon app on Android and iOS.

Choose your app icon (iOS)

Available on the latest version of the Patreon iOS app, creators and fans can now select a version of the Patreon app icon that best represents their style. Here’s how to customize your app icon on iOS:

  1. From your Home screen Home-tab.png tap on your profile image in the top right corner
  2. Tap on your Settings
  3. Tap on Choose your app icon
  4. Browse the selection and tap on the one that resonates with you

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