Consent form for participants in Adult/18+ works

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Payment processing partners require Patreon to ensure that creators in the Adult/18+ category obtain written consent from real humans who participate in their creative works by being featured visually. To meet this requirement, Adult/18+ creators whose works visually feature real human participants other than themselves should document participant consent using the template below, which Patreon translated into 18 languages for convenience.

Note: This requirement does not apply to Adult/18+ creators whose creative works feature themselves alone, or to creators of Adult/18+ works that do not feature real people (e.g. animators, game developers, writers).

This participant consent template was updated as of May 2024 to meet the latest payment processor requirements. To ensure continued compliance with all requirements, Adult/18+ creators should use this template to document participant consent from May 2024 onward. Adult/18+ creators do not need to use this form to obtain retroactive consent from participants in past creative works, but should retain whatever form of consent documentation they did obtain at the time.

Adult/18+ creators should retain all participant consent documentation indefinitely. Upon request from a payment partner, Patreon may ask Adult/18+ creators to provide this documentation, which would then be shared with the requesting payment partner to demonstrate compliance with their rules.

Consent template

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