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Posts are where your audio, video, image, and written creations live for your patrons to enjoy. Posts are accessible from your patrons’ account feed, your page, and via email notifications for patrons who opt-in. If you've enabled our RSS feature, your audio post content will also populate patrons’ private RSS feeds.

Posts are an instant and direct connection to your Patreon community. You can publish posts for select tiers, all of your patrons, or publicly for anyone who lands on your page.

To create a new post:

  1. Click on the Create button from the left-hand navigation while logged into your Patreon account
  2. Choose your Post type — this could be a text, image, video, link, or audio post. If you'd like to open your draft in another tab, you can right-click or ctrl+click and select Open in another tab
  3. Once in the post editor, you’ll need to create a post title (required) and let us know to who you’d like the post to be viewable (required)
    Pro tip: Making public posts is a great way to give followers an idea of what patrons can access!
  4. Optional post features include
    • Uploading attachment files for your patrons to download
    • Tagging your post for easy organization
    • Setting early access for a specific tier
    • Adding Preview Text for social sharing and public teasers
  5. On desktop, you can preview your post before publishing by clicking the View icon.png button

As you create your post, we’ll auto-save any changes you make. If you exit the post editor, we’ll save your post as a draft for you to work on later.

Creators in Pro and Premium platform plans: You can control which patrons access your Posts

You now have more control over which Tiers can access your posts, ensuring that each post reaches your intended patron audience — this allows you to target patrons with unique Benefits and messages. To publish posts for a specific Tier, choose the Select Tier option, and select which Tiers have access to the post.

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