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This guide will help you make an image gallery post on the Patreon desktop and mobile app.

How to post an image gallery

Image gallery posts allow you to share a series of image work all in one go. To get started on your image gallery, follow these steps:

How do I remove an image from the gallery?


Captions are a way to narrate your image. While a picture says a thousand words, a great caption tells your members the intent behind an image. Connect on a more personal level with your members by telling them why the image is important to them.

You can add captions after uploading your images by tapping the Edit photos tab. When you've finished, tap Save and then the back arrow


Alt-text is an invisible description of your images. They are read aloud by screen readers so members with visual impairments can still consume your content. Alt-text allows you to share images that are accessible to all of your members.

You can add alt-text after uploading your images by tapping the Edit photos tab. When you've finished, tap Save and then the back arrow

Tip: Keep your alt-text short and sweet. Remember, alt-text will be read by screen readers, so try to use descriptive words to describe what is in the image.

Post autosave

As you work on creating your post, we'll autosave any edits you make across the post title, content, attachments, media, access, Preview Text, and scheduled time/date. You'll find your work safe and sound in the Drafts section of your Posts page across desktop and mobile.

We won't autosave changes you make to already published posts, so you have the final say on edits for live posts.


  • No, the captions you add won’t populate in the search.

  • The beauty of image galleries is that we’ll intellectually size the image for you. No images will be cropped when checked in full screen. Your image thumbnails will be square, so if you’d like your thumbnails to be an entire image, we recommend using a 1:1 (square) ratio.

    We’ve made this guide on sizing images for additional help with saving your images: Sizing images for Patreon.

  • Your upload file sizes must be 5GB or less per image, and file attachments must be 200MB or less.

  • You can add up to 500 images per post. We are working on a more robust improvement to image uploading in the future.

  • No. Members will be able to check the first image of your set if they opt in to email notifications of your new posts. To check all of the images in a post, members will need to click the link to view all images and will be redirected to

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