Why am I getting so many CAPTCHAs?

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Google’s Re-CAPTCHA is a security measure implemented to keep Patreon safe for all. That said, we know it can be frustrating to receive CAPTCHA responses repeatedly.

Reasons why you might get multiple CAPTCHAs:

  • Your Internet Service Provider gave you an IP address that was previously used by hackers within the past few weeks, so our firewall is now mistaking you for a hacker.

    To fix this, reset your internet router, so you can get a new IP address.

  • Your computer could be infected and be attacking other computers and websites without your knowledge. This is rare but possible. Make sure your antivirus is up to date and your computer is malware-free.

  • Someone else on your home network is using bots or scripts, so everything coming from your home network looks suspicious to our firewall.

  • You are using a proxy or other service besides a regular internet connection to access Patreon.

  • You are using things like NoScript, Adblocker, and security add-ons which make your browser behave differently than a regular browser. This may be triggering our CAPTCHA responses as well. 

Troubleshooting tips to resolve repeated CAPTCHAs: 

  1. Disable any browser extensions or plugins
    Additional software on your browser can cause some issues with Re-CAPTCHA. If there’s ever a time you run into issues with logging in, try disabling any extensions you might be running. Here are instructions on how to disable extensions for each of these browsers:


  2. Try signing in from a different browser, or in private mode
    If Re-CAPTCHA suspects that your browser is a bot, using a different browser entirely or signing in via your browser's private/incognito mode is a great way to troubleshoot this.

  3. If connected to a VPN, disconnect from the VPN when signing in
    When using a VPN, your IP address can be obfuscated or placed from a different location. This can trigger Google’s Re-CAPTCHA to challenge the login. Disabling the VPN during the sign-in process can negate the CAPTCHA.

  4. Reset your internet router to receive a new IP address
    You may have received an IP address from your internet service provider that was previously linked to hackers. Resetting your router will get you a new IP from your provider. 

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