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What is a community chat?

A community chat is a space for group conversation among your Patreon community, helping you foster deeper connections among your members beyond the comment section. These improved chat features make it easier than ever to connect with your members and allow them to build relationships with one another.

Community chats availability

To access community chats, the following requirements must be met:

  • Creators whose work is categorized as Adult content must complete ID verification
  • Creators must have a paid membership tier (Community chats are not yet available if you don't have any paid members)

Using community chats

Create a chat

You can create up to 10 chat spaces, customizing them by name, topic, and emoji, and they can even be gated to specific tiers.

Your new chat will show up on your Community tab on both web and the mobile app.

Chat with your members

There are several ways you and your members can interact with each other through chats:

  • Start/reply to a thread — Both you and your members can start and reply to a thread
    • App: Press and hold the message you want and tap Reply in thread
    • Web: Click the message you want and type your reply on the right-hand side of the page
  • React to messages — Both you and your members can react to chat messages
    • App: Press and hold a message until you see the option to add a reaction with an emoji
    • Web: Click on a message and select the emoji from the list that pops up
  • Share photos directly from your device – You and your members can share photos directly from your device by tapping on the photo icon  
  • Share previews of your Patreon posts – Whenever you share a direct link to a Patreon post, it will automatically generate a preview, giving your members a glimpse of the post

Some ideas on how you can use your chats

  • Let your audience get to know you: Enjoy direct, immediate communication with your community! Offer a Q+A or AMA to share more about yourself and your work
  • Get to know your audience: Ask questions about your audience… likes, dislikes, content recommendations! Try an icebreaker like
    • If you could have dinner with 3 people living or dead, who would you choose?
    • What’s one thing you want to accomplish in your lifetime?
    • What’s one great piece of advice you’ve gotten, and who gave it to you?
    • What’s something you hope to get out of this community?
  • Let your audience get to know each other: Encourage members to introduce themselves to one another so that they can connect and engage!
  • Share content: Promote new and upcoming content! Generate audience excitement for what is to come and receive feedback on the latest
  • Develop a routine: Spark a weekly trend! For example, ask your community to share something they’re grateful for on Wednesdays

Managing community chats

Edit your chat

Delete a chat

Deleting a chat will permanently remove it from your members' chats. This action can’t be undone.

Disable notifications

You can disable all notifications for a particular chat. Note that this will disable the notifications for you and not for your members.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to the Patreon mobile app (Android or IOS) and tap the Community tab the bottom app menu
  2. IOS: You can mute/unmute by swiping left on a chat
    Android: You can mute/unmute by pressing and holding the chat

Alternatively, you can also manage your notifications by tapping the Notifications tab from the bottom app menu — From this screen, you'll find a Settings icon Gear.png at the top right corner where you can enable/disable email and push notifications for your chats.

Your Moderation Hub

Chat guidelines

Chat guidelines are rules for the community space and are distinct from Patreon’s Community Guidelines. They keep your community safe. As a creator, you should feel comfortable enforcing these rules by removing messages or members from the chat that do not abide by them.


Reported messages

Your members can report messages that they feel are violating the chat guidelines directly to you. When a member reports a message, you’ll receive a notification letting you know that a message has been reported, and you can choose to keep or delete that message from your Moderation Hub.

How to access your reported messages:



When you delete a message, the person who sent the message won’t know you deleted it, but everyone in the chat will see it as a deleted message.


You have the ability to assign a teammate or trusted fan from the community as a Moderator for all your chats. This means they can see messages that members of the community have flagged for review.

These Moderators have access to reported messages through the Moderation Hub on the Patreon app, and they will show up with a Moderator tag on their profile. Once a message is reported, Moderators can decide whether to keep or delete that message.

Note that Moderators must be members of tiers that have access to chats to be able to view chats gated to paid tiers.

Here’s how to nominate moderators for your chats:

Currently testing

Video Stickers for chats

Video Stickers with chats is a feature we are currently testing with a small group of Android users and will roll out to more creators throughout the year.

Creators with access to Video Stickers can now react to member chat messages by recording a short video and attaching it directly as a reply to the original message.

If you have access to this feature, here’s where you can learn more about Video Stickers.

All-member chats

All-member chats is a feature we are currently testing with a small group of users, and are excited to get it in the hands of more creators later in the year.

Creators with access to All-member chats can now start a chat for all members, free and paid — or open up any existing chat to all members. 

If you have access to All-member chats, head to your chats page to open a new chat for all members, or edit settings on an existing paid chat to open this up to all members.

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