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This article answers frequently asked questions about Community Chats. If you're ready to start your first chat space, visit our Community Chats page for step-by-step guides on managing your chats.

  • You can create up to 10 chat spaces, customizing them by name, topic, emoji, and they can even be locked by different membership options (tiers).

  • When you create a chat, you can control which members can access it. Choose between giving access to All paying members or Selecting a specific membership(s).

    If a member switches to a different membership option than the one they are currently in, this might mean losing access/gaining access to some or all chats, depending on what chats are part of their new membership — Access to chats is based on the membership tier you select for each chat.

    Currently, we're in the testing phase for a feature that grants free members access to chats with specific creators. This feature is only available to select creators whose pages are designated for all audiences. Learn more about this by visiting this blog post.

  • You can share photos directly from your device by tapping/clicking the photo icon 3a804fe8-6fb5-4669-acbb-e5e0b9fe5cb1 when sending a message.

    At this moment, it is not possible to share videos directly from your device through chats, but you can share video links with members instead. If the link is from a Patreon post, the message will generate a preview of the content.

  • Here is how you can see a list of members that are active in a chat:

  • If members cancel their membership, they will lose access to any chats they joined. When they lose access will depend on the billing model you chose for your Patreon:

    • If they cancel a monthly (non-charge upfront) or per-creation membership, members will immediately lose access to the chats
    • If they cancel a charge upfront or subscription billing membership, access to chats will be revoked at the end of the member’s final billing cycle
    • When they cancel an annual membership, access to chats will be revoked when the member’s yearly membership ends
  • The only way to remove a member from a chat is to block them. Blocking a member will remove their membership from you and, consequently, remove them from any chats they have access to as part of their membership.

  • Any time a member chooses to join a chat, they are presented with Chat guidelines that we encourage you to enforce at any time to keep your community safe.

    Your members can report messages that they believe are violating these guidelines. Once you create a chat space, you can access a Moderation Hub that allows you to choose whether you would like to keep or delete these reported messages.

    Learn more about your Moderation Hub in this help center article.

  • If you are on the Premium Plan and have a team account, your teammates can help you moderate your chats by

    • Sending messages as the creator
    • Sending reactions as the creator 
    • Deleting messages, as needed

    We recommend adding trusted teammates as moderators to help maintain the intention and safety of your community space by taking action on your behalf and being a consistent presence to guide the conversation.

    Once you add a teammate as a trusted moderator, they will automatically be able to access the Moderation Hub, and they will show up with a moderator tag on their profile. They will have all the access and capabilities of a moderator. You can find more detailed information about moderator capabilities here.

  • Fans are currently notified when the creator sends a message to the chat.

  • We will continue to support Discord and believe creators should have the flexibility and control to decide what works best for them.

    We have found that some creators use both Discord and Patreon chats as part of their offerings in various ways. For example, some creators offer Discord to all users and Patreon community chats to fans of a higher tier. Other creators offer both equally, knowing that some fans prefer all that Discord offers while others prefer the simplicity and easy access of Patreon community chats.

    We’ve also seen creators move their community from Discord over to Patreon community chats completely.

  • We are currently testing this with participating creators and will be working on expanding access over the next few months.

  • We are currently testing this with participating creators and will be working on expanding access over the next few months. Learn more about media stickers in this blog post.

  • 18+ creators who have gone through ID Verification can create and use community chats with their fans.

    Certain features will not be available to 18+ creators, including:

    • the ability to add free members to chat
    • media stickers which are currently in testing
  • Video Stickers with chats is a feature we are currently testing with a small group of Android users and will roll out to more creators throughout the year.

    Creators with access to Video Stickers can now react to member chat messages by recording a short video and attaching it directly as a reply to the original message.

    If you have access to this feature, here’s where you can learn more about Video Stickers.

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