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In January 2024, we began gradually rolling out iOS in-app purchases for Commerce. Visit our iOS in-app purchases: country & currency page for more information about where iOS in-app purchases are currently supported. This article answers frequently asked questions about how iOS in-app purchases may impact creators and their fans.

  • You can explain to fans that prices on the iOS app are higher to cover Apple’s App Store fee while ensuring that you (and your fellow creators) earn the same on a product sale across platforms after fees.

  • Apple processes all transactions for product sales in the iOS app and then remits payment to Patreon, which can take up to 75 days after the transaction date. Funds are made available to creators for payout as soon as Patreon receives them.

  • When in-app purchases are rolled out, you can opt-in to absorb the fees and related costs so that customers pay the same price on all platforms. The fees will be applied to your list price, so you will earn less on a product sale on iOS.

  • Customers in locations where in-app purchasing isn’t yet available will see the product in your Shop tab with a message that the product isn’t available for purchase on the iOS app in their country. These customers can still purchase the product on web.

  • You can increase your product prices to offset the entire App Store fee, and we will automatically calculate a higher price for the product on iOS to ensure that you receive approximately the same amount that you would if the purchase occurred on a different platform. At this time, the price shown for iOS in-app purchases is not customizable.

  • To remain available in the App Store, we’re required to use Apple’s in-app payment system for Commerce purchases. We know it’s a big change, and we’re committed to working with creators to implement Apple’s fee with a creator-friendly approach, starting with iOS pricing controls for your products.

  • When you list a product, it will be available on every platform where Patreon is available. In the product description, you can let fans know if you have a preferred way for them to make purchases.

  • Apple currently only charges their App Store fee on Commerce purchases, but later in 2024 — we’re still determining the exact date — it will also apply to new paid memberships started on the iOS app.

    This means that memberships started and renewed through the iOS app will be subject to Apple’s fee (30% for the first year of the membership, 15% for all years after that), like all digital purchases made through the App Store. The fee would not apply if a member starts a membership on other platforms, even if they later access their benefits on the iOS app.

    This is a big change, and we’re committed to working with you in the coming months to offer options that work best for your business. We want to make sure you’re able to earn at least the same amount on every product sale in the Patreon iOS app as you do on other platforms. You can learn more about our approach here.

  • If you choose to increase product prices for the iOS app, we automatically calculate the higher price to ensure you earn at least the same on iOS sales as you would elsewhere. To calculate the iOS sale price, your list price is increased by roughly 43%*. Then, it’s rounded to the nearest 50 cents for customer simplicity. That way, after subtracting the App Store fee, you will earn at least as much as you would if the purchase was made on the web.

    *Note: Fully offsetting the App Store fee to maintain your earnings (30% of the higher iOS sale price) requires an increase of more than 30% of your original list price.

  • All percentage-based fees are applied to the final sale amount (pre-tax), so if you set a higher price on iOS, our platform fee will be calculated using that higher price. Patreon will not charge a payment processing fee on iOS purchases, which means that we will typically generate less revenue on iOS transactions compared to non-iOS transactions, even if you choose to set higher product prices in the iOS app.

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