Best practices for increasing your tier prices

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This article is for creators who:

  • Use either our Charge Upfront, Monthly, or Per Creation billing model and want to increase their tier pricing
  • Use our Subscription billing model and want to increase their tier pricing beyond the $20 increase limit when using the repricing tool

If you have Subscription billing, adjusting your tier prices can be done quickly and easily for increases up to $20 than the original amount directly through your Membership tab.

If you have existing members on your tier and you're looking to raise your tier price beyond the $20 limit, you’ll need to create a new tier with the updated price and phase out your previous tiers – This guide is here to help you plan and ensure a smooth transition for you and your members.

Communicate changes with your members

A smooth transition begins with clear communication. Here are some tips for informing your members about upcoming price changes:

  • Ideally, give them a heads-up a month before the next billing cycle, right after the current month's payments have been processed
  • We recommend making announcements in any spaces where your members are likely to find it– Making a post is a great way to ensure all members have access to the information
  • Consider running a Poll or sending out a survey to get their input. Polls and surveys are a great way to involve members and also help you gauge the overall sentiment towards the change
  • Let your members know why you're making the change and how it benefits them. Share a clear timeline of when the old tiers will be phased out and the new ones introduced

Here's a quick template to update your members about new tier prices and guide them to switch tiers:

Hi lovely members,

I’m so excited to announce my new [ NEW TIER ] tier! This tier will be available for you to join starting March 1st. [ FORMER TIER ] will no longer be available to join starting March 10th, and will be completely deleted on March 25th. Be sure to select one of my new tiers between March 1st and 25th!

Special offer alert! [Optional]

If you join [ NEW TIER ] tier by March 25th you get a limited edition sticker!

If you’re still in [ FORMER TIER ] when it’s deleted, you’ll still be my member, but you’ll be a “no tier” member, and won’t have the same access as you currently do.

Here’s how to select a new tier: How do I edit my membership? Have questions? Thread them in the comments!

Create your new tier

Once you've gathered member insights about your tiers, you can create new tiers with your updated tier pricing.

Pro Tip: Add a Special offer to incentivize members to join a new tier by your deadline!

You can set up a special offer by visiting: Edit page > Offers. Read more about Special offers below:

Note that you can have one special offer running at a time, and this feature cannot be used with per-creation billing.

Give your new tier access to posts

Before you publish a new tier, it's important to ensure it has access to all the past content you've shared. Right now, adding access to your back catalog of posts for new tiers needs to be done manually. If you usually post content for All members or Paid members only, any new tier you create will automatically have post access.

If you've given post access to Selected tiers, you'll need to give your new tier access to each of your previous posts individually — This ensures that all your members continue to enjoy the content without interruption.

You can give tier access to individual backlog posts with the following steps:

We've created this guide to help you edit your posts: How do I edit or delete a post?

Note: If you select the option to Notify members about the edits, all members, including those who’ve already had access to the post, will be notified. We do not recommend selecting this option when editing posts to include your new tier(s).

Unpublish the tier

We recommend unpublishing any tier you are phasing out. Unpublished tiers are hidden from your Patreon tier options, so no new members can join while existing members experience no change. Existing members can stay in the unpublished tier until they switch tiers or cancel.

Even after unpublishing, you can still post specifically for them, encouraging a switch to a new tier.

Once your new tiers are ready, follow the instructions below to unpublish former tiers:

You’ll know that your tier was unpublished when you see Unpublished at [ DATE ] for that tier.

Tiers can be unpublished indefinitely so we recommend waiting until all of your existing members have canceled or switched to one of your new tiers before deleting that tier. If you’re noticing a lag in members making the switch, send reminders via posts or private messages – some people just need a friendly reminder.

You can search your members’ email addresses or profile names to check which tier they are in. You can also send them this guide to help them switch to another tier: How do I edit my membership?

Delete the tier

We advise against deleting a tier unless it has no members. If you still have members on the tier you want to delete, we recommend that you unpublish the tier instead.

Important things to know before deleting a tier:

  • Once deleted, a tier cannot be retrieved
  • If you still have members on the tier you want to delete, we recommend that you unpublish the tier instead
  • Members who haven’t switched out of the deleted tier will still be paying you the value of the previous tier. They aren’t within a tier but aren’t considered as Custom pledge members either, so they won’t show up if you filter by No tier. You should be able to find these members by going to your Audience Relationship manager and using the All tiers filter
  • Deleting a tier is not a substitute for canceling a member’s payment. members can cancel their membership to stop future payments
  • If you offer Annual memberships and have a tier with active annual memberships tied to it, we advise against deleting the tier. Members have paid for the year, so it’s recommended you unpublish the tier so no new members can join instead of deleting a tier completely

To delete a tier:

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