Drops (Early access)

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Drops are in early testing and are expected to be rolled out to creators on an ongoing basis.

Drops give creators a way to deepen community engagement with exclusive experiences right on Patreon.

With Drops, creators can:

  • Watch or listen and engage with their fans live during the first release
  • Get members excited with a countdown to the release
  • Elevate their latest audio and/or video content

How to schedule a drop

How do edit a drop

Once a drop is scheduled, it will appear in your Drops tab and can be edited at any time. To edit a drop, follow the steps below:

How to delete a drop

You can delete your drop at any time from the Drops tab. Please note that deleting a drop is permanent and will also result in the deletion of any comments and reactions to that drop.

Member experience

At this time, Drops are exclusively available to paid members. Free members will see the drop as locked and they’ll be nudged to Join to unlock.


Once it is 7 days or less before the drop release, your paid members will see the preview of the drop, including your selected cover image and a countdown on both their homepage and when they click through to your page.

Your paid members can engage with the drop before its release by clicking on I’m interested—This action allows them to receive reminders about the drop and notifications for any comments you post before the release. They can also participate by commenting, viewing others' comments, and reacting to them. These features are available on both the web and the Patreon app.

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24 hours before the drop, the content will be featured at the top of your page to build anticipation and excitement. 2 minutes before the drop, all paid members will receive a push notification, letting them know your drop will go live. At this point, they can Join the drop, see the number of people who have also joined, and participate in the live conversation. When there are 10 seconds left, they'll see a countdown until the content is released.

Live Drop

During a live drop, paid members can Join the drop and watch or listen, comment, and react in real-time directly underneath the drop content. Paid members who tapped I’m interested will receive a push notification, letting them know the drop is live.

As a creator, you can also join the live drop and engage in conversations with your community. While it's not required, participating in the live drop is a fantastic way to connect with your fans on Patreon, making the experience exciting and engaging for everyone.

Please note that the live drop experience will be exclusively available on the Patreon app. Members accessing Patreon through the web will be directed to join the app for the live drop.

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After a drop finishes, your paid members will continue to have access to watch or listen, read existing comments, and react and comment themselves indefinitely, just like any other post on your Patreon — These interactions can be done on both the web and the Patreon app.

Your drop will continue to be highlighted on your page for 24 hours after the drop, ensuring that your content remains visible and keeps your audience engaged. After 24 hours, the drop will appear alongside all of your other posts, in its place chronologically.

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Looking for suggestions or helpful tips for upcoming Drops? Check out our article for Helpful tips for your Drops.

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