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This article will address frequently asked questions about Drops. If you want a detailed guide on how Drops work for you and your members, please visit Drops Early access.

Drops are in early testing and are expected to be rolled out to creators on an ongoing basis.

  • Drops provide a new way to experience your latest work live with your fans.

    With Drops, you can:

    • Watch or listen and engage with your community live during the first release
    • Get your members excited with a countdown to the release
    • Elevate your latest audio or video content
    Learn more by visiting Drops Early Access.
  • Drops are intended for creators with audio and video content.

  • Example use cases include:

    • Recurring content: Weekly/bi-weekly/monthly podcast or vodcast episode, weekly Q&A, latest instructional video
    • Special content: Special podcast or vodcast episode (e.g. around a cultural moment, recording from an in-person tour, or notable guest), latest single from your new album, comedy special

    If you need tips and ideas to get started on your upcoming Drops, you can learn more in Helpful tips for your drops.

  • Yes, your drop must follow our Community Guidelines. Our Trust & Safety team reserves the right to remove the drop or, for certain issues, suspend your account if you do not follow our guidelines.

  • At this time, Drops are for your paid members only. The drop will be locked for free members, and they will be nudged to Join to unlock. We are evaluating the option to make Drops available to free members and will share updates at a later date.

  • At this time, drop creation is only available on web and mobile web.

  • You can schedule a drop up to 3 months in advance. However, the upcoming drop will not be highlighted to your members until 7 days before the drop.

  • You can schedule your drop before your content is ready to upload. We recommend that you upload content for your drop at least 24 hours before the time of the drop.

  • There are no limitations on file size. You can upload a max length of 12 hours for both audio and video files.

  • While not required, we recommend including a cover image so that the drop post is more visually engaging, which can help draw interest from your members and, ultimately, participation in the live drop.

  • We want you to share these upcoming releases with your community and encourage them to experience your drops! You can promote an upcoming drop on Patreon itself (e.g. a separate post or in Chats) and/or off-platform (e.g. Instagram).

  • Though it is not required, attending the live drop and joining in the conversation is a great way to directly connect with your fans on Patreon and make the drop feel exciting, special, and engaging for your community.

  • If you are logged into an account that is listed as a teammate, all of your comments and reactions will show as the creator before, during and after the live drop.

  • Want to know what your members experience with Drops? We have a dedicated section on the member journey, pre, during, and post-drop. Click here to learn more.

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