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Drops are in early testing and are expected to be rolled out to creators on an ongoing basis.

This guide offers tips and ideas to get started on your upcoming Drops, so you can make the most out of this feature. If you need help scheduling and managing your drops, check out our Drops (Early access) guide instead.

Potential use cases for your upcoming drop

  • Recurring content: Weekly/bi-weekly/monthly podcast or vodcast episode, weekly Q&A, latest instructional video
  • Special content: Special podcast or vodcast episode (e.g. notable guest, recording from an in-person tour, etc.), latest single from your new album, comedy special

Tips as you get started

  • Strategize: Think through your upcoming content calendar to determine what could work well as a drop for your members
  • Plan: Schedule your drop at least 24-48 hours in advance to give your members a heads up and build buzz. Choose a day and time that works well for most of your audience
  • Promote: Pre-release, encourage your members to join the upcoming drop on and off platform
  • Engage: During the live drop, jump in the conversation to directly connect with your members, see their commentary on your latest work and get ideas for upcoming drops
  • Test and learn: Given Drops is brand-new experience, test an approach and incorporate your learnings into your future strategy

Additional helpful reminders

  • You can schedule a drop before your final content is ready to build excitement with your members. We suggest uploading your content 24 hours before the time of the drop
  • We recommend including a custom cover image so that the drop post is more visually engaging, which can help draw more interest from your members to join the live drop
  • Once you have access, you can use Drops on an ongoing basis

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