Recovering unclaimed funds

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This article is for creators who have received an email from Patreon’s Tax team regarding funds being remitted to their state’s unclaimed property division. We make every effort to ensure funds do not go unclaimed, so will try to email inactive creators multiple times before the ‘escheatment period’ has run. Continue reading for guidance on recovering unclaimed funds from Patreon or your state's unclaimed property division.

You can visit our Paying Out help page for information on how payouts work at Patreon.

Recovering unclaimed funds from Patreon

If you’ve received a notice from Patreon’s Tax team letting you know that your funds will soon be remitted to your state on file as unclaimed property, you can log into Patreon to claim your funds or respond directly to the email you received. By logging into your Patreon, your account will no longer be considered inactive.

Once you’ve logged in to your account, here’s how to withdraw your funds:

    1. Login to
    2. If your Patreon was unpublished, you can republish your Patreon to access your Payouts
    3. Visit your Payouts page — you can review or set up your payout method from your Payouts settings if it’s your first time paying out
    4. Click the Withdraw button

If you are setting up or changing your payout method, there will be a 5-day payout lock on your account. Once a payout is initiated, it can take up to 10 days for the funds to appear in your personal account.
Learn more about how payouts work.

Recovering unclaimed funds from your state

If the timeline to recover funds from Patreon has passed, your funds can still be claimed directly through your state’s unclaimed property division. If you are a non-US creator and the timeline to recover funds from Patreon has passed, you can claim your funds from the State of Delaware’s unclaimed property division.

How to recover unclaimed funds from your state:

    1. Submit a request with Patreon Product Support to gather information for your claim
    2. File a claim with the unclaimed property division for your state and include the information provided by Patreon’s Product Support team


  • If you’re having difficulty logging into your account, we’ve created a troubleshooting guide that may help you regain access. If you continue to have difficulty logging into your Patreon account, please submit a request to Patreon’s Product Support team as soon as possible for assistance.

  • If you deleted your Patreon account and received an email that you had unclaimed funds on your account, please submit a request to our Product Support team.

  • If your Patreon is deemed inactive, your creator Patreon page will be unpublished. When a Patreon is unpublished, it will no longer appear on members’ membership lists or in search, and payment processing for the Patreon ceases.

    Here’s how to republish your Patreon on Desktop:

      1. Log in to
      2. Click on your profile image at the bottom of the left-side menu
      3. Click your creator profile from the account menu to go to the creator home page
      4. You’ll land on your creator page, where you can click the Page controls or "..." button
      5. Click the Edit page menu item to make any adjustments you need to before you republish your page
      6. Click on the Preview tab to preview how your page will publicly appear
      7. If you’re ready, click the Publish page button
  • If there has been an extended period of account inactivity (i.e., no login), any remaining funds on the account are considered unclaimed.

  • An account is considered inactive if there is no login activity for an extended period. The length of time required to determine whether or not an account is inactive, depends on a creator’s location of residency set by their address on file.

    Inactive account status dormancy period:

    State Dormancy Period (Months)
    Alabama 36
    Alaska 36
    Arizona 36
    Arkansas 36
    California 36
    Colorado 60
    Connecticut 36
    Delaware & Non-US residents 60
    District of Columbia 36
    Florida 60
    Georgia 60
    Hawaii 60
    Idaho 60
    Illinois 36
    Indiana 36
    Iowa 36
    Kansas 60
    Kentucky 36
    Louisiana 60
    Maine 36
    Maryland 36
    Massachusetts 36
    Michigan 36
    Minnesota 36
    Mississippi 60
    Missouri 60
    Montana 60
    Nebraska 60
    Nevada 36
    New Hampshire 60
    New Jersey 36
    New Mexico 60
    New York 24
    North Carolina 60
    North Dakota 36
    Ohio 36
    Oklahoma 60
    Oregon 36
    Pennsylvania 36
    Rhode Island 36
    South Carolina 60
    South Dakota 36
    Tennessee 36
    Texas 36
    Utah 36
    Vermont 36
    Virginia 60
    Washington 36
    West Virginia 60
    Wisconsin 60
    Wyoming 60

    Non-US residents

    If you are located outside of the United States, your account is considered inactive after 60 months of dormancy, and funds left unclaimed will be remitted to the unclaimed property division for the state of Delaware. Patreon is incorporated in Delaware, and state law requires that we remit funds for inactive accounts outside of the US to the unclaimed property division of Delaware.

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