Canceling a paid membership

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This article includes instructions for canceling a recurring membership and key things to know when canceling. When you cancel, you can stay connected with the creator as a free member. If you prefer, you can switch to a lower-cost membership tier if the creator offers it.

If you are seeing a charge that you do not recognize, please submit a request for further assistance.

How to cancel a paid membership

Click on your device below for steps on how to cancel a paid membership:

If you see charges for a membership you can’t locate on your account, visit the password reset page and enter possible emails to rule out an account tied to an alternate email address.

Key things to know about canceling

What happens when I cancel?

For the most part, when you cancel, your membership will not renew for the upcoming billing period. The creator's billing settings determine your billing period. If the creator uses per-creation billing, you may have a final charge for any paid posts made before you cancel. We retry payments for monthly (non-charge upfront) membership and per-creation bills that decline.

Visit our guide on what happens when you cancel to learn more.

What should I do to cancel if my account doesn’t list any memberships?

There are a few reasons that you might not see a creator on your Memberships page:

Reason What to do

You may have canceled already

In most cases, we'll remove a creator from your Memberships when you cancel. Please refer to your Billing history for past payments. If you’re not seeing any past payments but have seen charges on your payment method, you may have another account tied to another email. We recommend visiting the password reset page and entering possible emails to rule out an account tied to an alternate email address.

The creator may have removed your membership

If you've been blocked from having a membership with a creator, we'll remove that creator from your Memberships page.

You may have another account

If you don't have any Billing history with a creator and they aren't on your Memberships page, you may have more than one account. You can enter possible emails on our password reset page. If you get a reset email to another email, log in to cancel with those credentials.

I already canceled, but I'm still getting charged. What should I do?

You may have another account if you've canceled and continue receiving charges. You can visit the password reset page and enter possible emails. You can log in with those credentials to cancel if you get a reset email to another email.

You can visit our cancellation FAQ page for more information about what happens after canceling.

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