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If your creator is offering a special perk for joining a tier, they may be using our Special offers feature to deliver this added benefit.

If a creator’s available tiers display a lightning bolt, it means that the creator is currently having a special offer for a limited time. Check the tier description to learn more about what they’re offering for a limited time. Note that not all tiers will include a special offer.

I pledged to a special offer! Now what?

If you are still a patron of the creator when their special offer ends, you are entitled to receive a special offer. For details on the fulfillment of the offer, please reach out to the creator directly. Here's our guide on how to message your creator directly from your Patreon account.  

I am already a patron of the creator with a special offer. Do I still qualify?

That is at the creator’s discretion. Check their special offer description for details, or reach out to the creator directly for clarification.

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