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Some of your favorite creators on Patreon are offering exclusive patron-only merch. If a creator is offering merch on a tier you sign up for, you’re eligible to receive this merch if you meet a couple of requirements:

  • You have a shipping address in a country that we ship to, check which countries we ship to, here
  • You’ve been a patron for 3 consecutive months with successful payments after the merch offer launches

In this article we’ll go over:

Note: If you have an Annual membership, you’ll be charged for your year of membership up front, and will earn your merch after 3 monthly billing periods have passed.


How do I become a patron and receive Patreon-exclusive merch from a creator?

You’ll find a banner on creators’ pages who are participating in the merch for membership. If you have yet to become their patron, go ahead and select the Become a Patron button. Learn more about the steps to becoming a patron here:

How do I become a patron to a creator?

When starting your membership, make sure you select the tier corresponding with exclusive merch. You’ll know it’s the correct tier because of the icon included in the tier description.

When prompted, Be sure to enter your correct shipping address as this will be vital to receiving your merch.  

Curious where we ship? We ship globally! Read our article on which countries we ship to.

You’ll also be required to enter your payment information on the right-hand side of the confirmation page. Review your payment and billing details before confirming.

You’ll receive a confirmation e-mail with details about your membership after you successfully become a patron.


Receiving Merch for membership as an existing patron

When a creator you're a patron of adds merch as a benefit to a tier that you're currently in, you’ll receive an e-mail letting you know about the merch. If you’re not currently joined in a tier that offers Merch for Membership, you’ll need to edit your membership to select the corresponding tier. Learn how to update your membership here:

How do I edit my membership?

After merch is added to a tier, you'll become eligible to receive it after 3 consecutive successful membership charges. Past patronage doesn’t count towards the merch; you’ll need to be a patron for 3 consecutive months after the merch benefit launches to be eligible.

Once you become eligible to receive merch, you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail notifying you that you’ll be receiving your merch soon. You’ll also be asked to confirm your shipping address. 

Important: If you need to change your shipping address, do so as soon as possible. We require you to update it within 3 days of the confirmation e-mail while we prep your package. 

Once your item is shipped you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail including tracking details.

How to manage your shipping information

If you move or your address changes, you can always update it. The deadline to update your shipping details to ensure you receive your merch is 3 days from the confirmation e-mail mentioned in the section above.

Follow these steps to update your shipping address:

  1. While logged in to your patron profile, click the Manage memberships button (the pencil icon) from the left sidebar navigation
  2. Select Update next to the creator who includes exclusive merch
  3. You’ll find a pop-up with the option to Add a new address
  4. Be sure to select save once you've added your information

How do I opt-out of receiving exclusive merch?

If you’d like to continue supporting your creator but don’t wish to receive exclusive merch, you can opt-out at any time.

  1. Visit your Active memberships page
  2. Select Update next to the creator who includes exclusive merch.
  3. You’ll find a pop-up with an option to opt-out. Select the I prefer not to receive benefits option.
  4. Make sure to select save

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to

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