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This article relates to how you can use our sales tax settings for tiers created on or after May 20, 2020. You can use these settings to adjust how sales tax applies to your benefits.

About adjusting benefit value, using percentages

You can adjust benefit values to tell us the relative value of the benefits in each of your tiers. Once you’ve done this, we’ll be able to apply sales tax to just a portion of some pledges in places that allow us to do so. And we will know what portion of a given pledge should be taxed.

For example: 

If you have a tier that includes Discord access and a sticker, you can adjust the benefit value setting to tell us that the sticker makes up 10% of the value of that tier. Then, in places where the sticker is taxable, but not Discord, we can apply tax to just 10% of the pledge amount. 

If we don’t have these percentages set by you, we will have to apply sales tax to 100% of each pledge, in all locations where sales tax applies. 

To open your sales tax settings: 

  1. While logged in to your creator profile, click on the My Page link from the left sidebar navigation if you aren't already there
  2. Click on the Page controls or "..." button 
  3. Select the Edit Tiers link from the submenu
  4. Click Edit tier for the tier you want to adjust sales tax value for
  5. Scroll down and click Advanced
  6. Select the option to Adjust sales tax according to benefit value. You’ll need at least 2 benefits before you can adjust benefit values. If you have 1 benefit, it is equal to 100% of the tier value
  7. You can choose to distribute values evenly between all the benefits in this tier by checking the box next to Distribute values evenly. Or you can specify your own percentages. Adjust the percentage values of your benefits – values must add up to 100% total.

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