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To help you feel at home on Patreon, our website and mobile apps can be viewed in multiple languages. Below is a list of currently supported languages — we’ll be adding new languages over time and updating this list to reflect future changes. 

List of languages currently supported

Supported languages

Chinese (Simplified)*

Chinese (Traditional)*



English (UK)






Norwegian (Bokmål)*


Portuguese (Brazil)



Spanish (Latin America)



* We do not offer customer support for languages with an asterisk. 

How it works

  • If you’re logged out and your browser language is a language we support, our site will appear in that language. Otherwise, the language will default to English
  • If you’re logged into Patreon, you’ll experience the site in the language indicated in your Basics settings
  • Our mobile apps will also be shown in our supported languages, based on the language settings of the user’s phone
  • Anything written by creators and patrons (posts, tier descriptions, messages, comments on posts, etc.) will not be translated and will remain in their original language
  • Creators and patrons will receive emails from Patreon in the supported language they've chosen in their settings. Otherwise, all emails will be in English

How to change your language preference

Anyone logged into Patreon on desktop or mobile web can change their language preference in their profile settings — here’s how!

  1. While logged in to your patron profile click on the Settings button from the left sidebar navigation
  2. Then, click on the Account link from the sub-navigation list
  3. Scroll down to the Language preference dropdown, and choose your preferred language from the list of supported languages. We'll auto-save your changes

Logged out visitors can change their preferred language using a selector in the footer of the site. 


Suggested messaging for patrons

If you’d like to let your audience know about new languages supported on Patreon, you can use the suggested messaging below:

Sample post or message copy

Post Title/Subject Line: Patreon language support

Hey everyone, 

Patreon is now available in [language]. For those of you who are [language] speakers, if your experience doesn't automatically display in [language], you can change your language settings here:

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