What is Discord? (Member)

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Discord is an all-in-one voice and text chat platform where creators can create invite-only worlds for members. Our Discord integration syncs creators’ Discord server roles with their Patreon tiers to grant exclusive access and permissions to members.   

Discord does a great job of explaining what exactly a server is and how to use them here: Beginner's Guide to Discord

Glossary of Discord terms

Discord has a specific vocabulary. Below are some terms they use and we use when describing Discord and Patreon's integration. Please note the definitions below are taken directly from Discord's resources and will be updated if changed by Discord.

Server: Servers are the spaces on Discord. They are made by specific communities and friend groups. The vast majority of servers are small and invitation-only. Some larger servers are public. Any user can start a new server for free and invite their friends to it. Creators often offer access to their exclusive invite-only servers as a Patreon benefit.

Channel: Discord servers are organized into text and voice channels, which are usually dedicated to specific topics and can have different rules.

  • In text channels, users can post messages, upload files, and share images for others to see at any time.
  • In voice channels, users can connect through a voice or video call in real-time, and can share their screen with their friends - we call this Go Live.

Roles: Roles are a way of designating who is who in a server. Creators will link their Patreon tiers to specific roles. If a creator offers Discord access, you'll be assigned a role in their server that corresponds to your tier level. Roles can have their own set of server and channel-specific permissions.

DMs and GDMs: Users can send private messages to other users as a direct message (DM), as well as start a voice or video call. Most DMs are one-on-one conversations, but users have the option to invite up to nine others to the conversation to create a private group DM (GDM), with a maximum size of ten people. Group DMs are not public and require an invite from someone in the group to join.

Go Live: users can share their screen with other people who are on a server or a DM with them. This may be disabled by the server admin, so may not be possible when you join a creator's member-exclusive server. 

How can I get access to a creator’s Discord server?

Since our integration is synced with creators' Patreon tiers, you can access their server by joining one of their tiers with Discord as an offered benefit. If a creator offers member-exclusive access to their server, you can link your Discord account to Patreon on your Apps settings page once you've joined the creator's tier.

We've made this resource to guide you through how to connect Discord and Patreon

Is Discord free?  

Yes, it's free to use! All you have to do is create an account: Create your Discord account.

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