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If you've connected your Discord account to Patreon, but aren't finding that a creator's server has been added on Discord, we're here to help. 

In this guide, we'll help you through:

Does the creator offer Discord roles?

You can find out whether or not a creator offers Discord roles by visiting their creator page. Even if they say that they offer Discord as a benefit, they might not have the integration properly set up. 

You can check out their Tier by going directly to their page. If you can't find the Discord logo followed by the text: Includes Discord Rewards at the bottom of the reward tier description, then the integration is not set up properly. 

If you should have a role on their server, but don't find Includes Discord Rewards, get in touch with your creator – they'll likely need to troubleshoot their Discord set up on their account.

I don’t have access to my creator’s Discord serverIf it’s been a few hours and you still don’t have access to a creator’s Discord server, then there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try that should get everything up and running. Before going through the steps below, make sure that the Discord account you've connected to Patreon is also the account you're logged into on Discord. 

  1. First, disconnect your Discord and Patreon account. To do this, click on Settings from your patron profile. Then click on Connected Apps from the menubar, and click on the Disconnect button for Discord.
  2. Log out of Discord — here is how to log out of Discord 
  3. Head back to your Connected Apps and click on the Connect button next to Discord. 
  4. Log back into your Discord account — you should now have your correct role.

If you still don't have access to the Discord role tied to your Tier:

If you have followed these steps and still don't have access, there may be an issue with how the creator has set up their Discord Bot. 

We recommend reaching out to the creator, to ensure their Patreon Bot is above the roles in their Discord server. Here is an article that will help them out check that their Discord integration is set up properly

I still don't have my role in Discord – what next? If you have followed these steps and still don't have access, it's likely that something isn't quite right with the integration on the creator's end. 

In order for our Discord Bot to work, the creator must not assign the Bot to any of their Tiers and the Patreon Bot must be above their other roles.  

We recommend reaching out to the creator and asking them to check their Bot position – is it above their roles in their Discord server? 

Here is an article that may help them out.

Once the creator moves their Bot above other roles in their server and makes sure the Bot is not assigned to your Tier, you should be all set. 

If things still aren't working as they should, scroll down and send us a note about the issue. Please include as many details as possible: browser type, device type, are you on the mobile app? These details will expedite the process.

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