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If you haven't already enabled our shipping address feature for your tiers, you'll need to go to your Tiers and enable Shipping address collection from the Advanced section. Here's our guide that will take you through the steps: Get member shipping addresses

If you already have shipping address collection enabled for your tiers, this article will help you find and utilise your members' email addresses. 

View your members’ mailing addresses in your relationship manager

You can view your members’ mailing addresses within your Relationship manager. Here's how:
  1. While logged into your creator profile, click on Audience from the left sidebar navigation
  2. You'll land on your Relationship manager, where you can review members' shipping addresses
  3. Locate the member you are sending something to, and click on their name
  4. The member's details will populate on the right-hand side of the page
  5. The member's address will be listed under the Contact information card – if you don't see an address, it's possible that the member did not provide an address and has opted out of physical benefits

How do I view all of my members’ shipping addresses at once? 

To find all of your members' shipping addresses at once, you can download a CSV from your relationship manager. All of your members' shipping addresses will be listed on the CSV.


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