Relationship Manager billing statuses

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The table below lists patron statuses in your Relationship Manager and a brief definition of each:

ActiveThe patron has paid or is scheduled to be billed. Active patrons have membership access and are eligible to receive benefits.
DeclinedThe patron’s most recent charge attempt was declined. We’ve crafted this helpful guide that you can send patrons to support them through retrying their payment.
CancelledThe patron has deleted their subscription. We will not create new bills for their membership with you.
RefundedThe most recent charge was refunded (note: patrons must also delete their membership to avoid auto-renewal).

The most recent charge was deemed fraudulent and their payment is being declined. If a charge is potentially fraudulent, we will not automatically retry the payment. While a patron’s payment is marked as fraud, they will not have access to your patron-only content.

There are many reasons why this might occur. You can advise your patrons to contact their bank and then our support team to clear this up.

FollowerA follower can find your public posts but does not have access to patron-only content on Patreon. Followers receive updates when you make public posts. Followers are not (yet!) paying patrons.

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