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Every creator has a unique approach to delivering benefits – this is your guide to find and get the perks, or what we refer to as benefits, that a creator sets up through our platform. 

How do I know what benefits I should get? 

Creators typically list benefits in the About section of their page or the description of their tiers. You can find both under My membership when you visit a creator’s page and are a patron.

Have questions about what is or isn’t included in these descriptions? We recommend messaging the creator on Patreon to get answers.

Accessing posts

Many creators share benefits directly through our posting feature. Benefits such as: patron-only videos, image sets and private notes can all be shared through posts on Patreon.

There are a few different ways that you can view your creators’ posts: 

  1. Your Posts feed is your personalised feed with posts from all the creators you support and follow. You can use the drop-down menu to filter the view by a certain creator. 
  2. Directly from the Posts section of your creator's page
  3. If your Email settings include notifications for new posts, you’ll receive an email every time a new post is available to you. 

If there are locked posts that you believe you should have access to, review this how-to article for help with that: Unlock posts I should have access to

Access my Discord role

If your creator offers our Discord integration as a benefit, getting your Discord role couldn't be easier. All you have to do is connect your Discord and Patreon accounts from your Profile settings under the Apps section – we do the rest behind the scenes! You can reference these articles for added help and information:

Access my private audio RSS

If you just joined a creator who offers Patreon-hosted or -integrated RSS feeds, we’ll send you an email with your link. If you lost that email, you have been a patron for a while, or your creator recently added this feature, you can access your link by visiting the creator’s page and checking the My membership section.

Want additional help subscribing? We’ve created this guide to help you subscribe using your RSS link

My creator isn’t delivering

Creators are responsible for benefits and content distribution. It is not a violation of our terms if a creator doesn't deliver benefits or they're not as expected. Read more about our legal terms here.

If a creator stops creating content or fails to deliver a benefit as promised, here are a few steps we suggest you take:

  • Investigate the creator’s other content-distribution channels
    Some creators post their creations on Patreon but sometimes they do it through other websites or services. If you don’t find anything on Patreon, you may want to search around first.
  • Contact the creator
    It's possible that they simply forgot to send out a specific benefit or maybe they’re delayed and are trying to catch up. Messaging the creator on Patreon is a good way to get information if they haven’t provided any. 
  • Ask the creator for a refund
    If you feel that you haven’t received your money’s worth, you can always ask the creator for a refund. They are not obliged to provide a refund, but many creators are sympathetic to refund requests if benefits have not been received. We’ve made a best practices guide for requesting a refund from a creator. 
  • Cancel your membership
    If you can’t get in touch with the creator or if you don’t think they have a good reason for not creating anything recently, then we suggest that you cancel your membership. Once you remove your membership, you'll receive an exit survey that goes directly to the creator, so feel free to share your reason for leaving. 

Here are a few steps we do not suggest taking:

  • Ask Patreon for a refund
    We encourage patrons to contact the creator with their refund requests. We may issue a refund for a patron at our sole discretion. Most often, refunds are issued faster when the patron asks the creator to refund their payment. As mentioned above, it is difficult to judge the creative output of a creator and we do not want to impose our judgement here. Learn more about our refund policy here.
  • Continue to support the creator if you are not happy with them
    If you don’t believe the creator is worthy of support then please do not continue to support them and expect a refund at some point in the future.

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