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This article will take you through the steps of making audio posts and attaching audio files to any of your posts.

How to upload audio posts 

You can upload audio files from your device directly to Patreon. These uploads will show up as an audio player. The uploaded audio will also populate in members' RSS feeds if you've enabled audio RSS for your members.

Here's how to upload audio for a post:

  1. While logged in to your creator account, click on the Create button from the left-hand navigation
  2. Select the Audio post
  3. Click the Select audio file button. Make sure your file is 512 MB or less and in one of the following file formats: .mp3, .mp4, .m4a and .wav
  4. You can add your own artwork for your player box thumbnail.
  5. Add your title (required) and a brief description of your audio post (optional)
  6. Click the Next button to select your post audience, comment settings, edit your audio preview and add additional post settings
  7. On desktop, you can preview your post before publishing or scheduling your post by clicking the View icon.png button

By default, members can click the More actions button on your audio posts to download audio files.

Want to remove the download link on your audio post?

The ability for members to download files from your audio posts is enabled by default, however, you can disable this feature at any point. To disable audio file downloads, go to the Posts settings of your Page builder, scroll down to the Audio Settings, and untick the box.

To learn more about your audio link settings, please visit hide download links from audio posts.

Audio Previews

What is an audio preview?

An audio preview is a short audio clip that allows creators to tease their exclusive content on their Patreon page or across their social media platforms (Sharing on socials is currently in early testing).

How do I enable it?

Audio previews are only available to SFW creators. For a creator to be eligible for an audio preview, the audio file must be at least 30 seconds long. It’s also important to note that audio previews will only be available for locked posts (All paid members or Select tiers).

Audio previews will be on by default. You can toggle the switch on or off to enable or disable it when editing/creating an audio post.

How do you customise it?

Clicking on Edit underneath the Audio Preview section will prompt a window to appear.

By default, previews are set between 30 seconds and 5 minutes based on the length of the content. You can choose an audio preview clip from anywhere up to 50% of your content or a maximum of 10 minutes.

Drag the ends of the box parameters to choose the desired sections of clips you want to share.


Share your audio previews off-platform

Sharing your audio previews off-platform is still in the testing phase, so it may not be available for all creators. Access to this feature will gradually roll out over time.

You can now share your audio previews as an audiogram (video of audio preview) to your social platforms to let fans listen to snippets of your work. 

Once your audio post goes live, a prompt will appear giving you the option to directly share it to select platforms or export it as a downloadable file to the platform of your choice. You can also share it later by going to your existing audio post and selecting the Share Share.png icon.

Screenshot 2024-02-08 at 19.48.04.png

The Audiogram will turn your audio post into a video by adding captions and an animated soundwave.

Some audiograms may not be ready right away. You may need to leave the flow as the audiogram processes in the background. You will receive an email notification when the audiogram is ready.

Who can listen to these audio previews?

Audio previews are public and can be listened to on your Patreon page or any social media platform where you share them.

How to make an audio post with an embed URL

If you've enabled custom RSS links for members, audio posts uploaded with a URL (e.g. Soundcloud) will not populate on members' feeds – only audio files uploaded directly to posts are hosted on members' private feeds. The section above will help you with uploading an audio file directly

You can link to audio players hosted on sites like Soundcloud via the link field. Follow these steps to share your hosted audio with patrons:

  1. While logged in to your creator account, click on the Create button in the left navigation
  2. Select the Audio button from the post types
  3. Click on the Embed Audio URL link
  4. Enter your URL in the textbox field. An audio player will populate.
  5. The artwork on your audio player is dictated by whatever artwork you’ve uploaded to the third-party audio host. You cannot change the thumbnail artwork directly from Patreon
  6. On desktop, you can preview your post before publishing or scheduling your post by clicking the View icon.png button

We use for embedded audio players. You can test your URL to ensure that your player will work. Add your URL in the field and click the arrow button. If you find an error next to “type”, your URL will not be posted properly. 

Attaching an audio file to any post type

Last but not least, you can attach audio files to any post type. You can add audio files as attachments to; Text, Image and Video posts as well. 

What audio file types can I attach to posts?

Your audio file must be 512 MB or less and in one of the following file formats:

.mp3, .mp4, .m4a, .x-m4a, .mpeg, .aac, .ogg, .wma, .wav, and .x-wav files. 

To attach your audio file, use the Upload button near the bottom of the post creator/editor. You’ll know your attachment is ready to post when the upload arrow disappears. 

Your attachment will show as a link at the bottom of your published post. 

If you have custom RSS feeds enabled for your members, not all audio posts will populate in your members’ RSS feeds. You can learn more about how to Enable audio RSS feeds for members

How do I make a post for certain members only?

Creators in our Pro, and Premium platform plans can publish your post for Select tiers. Use the drop-down under “Who can see this post?” to select the tiers that can access your post. The content of your post will be visible to members within the Tiers you select.

If you’re a per-creation creator, you cannot simultaneously charge members and make a post for certain members only. You can find more information about how Posts work a little differently for you in the following article: How per creation billing works

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