Retry my declining payment

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The fastest way to retry a failed or declined payment is to add a new payment method.

Follow the steps below to retry your payment:

  1. While logged in to your member profile, click the Settings link from the left sidebar navigation
  2. Click the memberships link from the menu bar
  3. Locate the creator and click the Retry link
  4. Click on the Add new payment method button*
  5. Choose your new payment method and complete the form
  6. Click the Retry Payment button — the payment may automatically retry once you submit your new payment details, in which case, you’re all set!

*On this page, you can also re-enter your original payment method information to retry the same method.

My payment is still failing or declining

If your payment isn’t processing, there’s likely an authorization issue with the card network or issuing bank.  

Credit card declines

Reach out to your bank for information and assistance. Your bank may have restrictions that exclude membership transactions. A quick call with them can clear things up. If you get the “Okay” from your bank, go through the steps above to retry your payment.

At this time, we’re unable to process transactions with gift credit cards. Since all memberships are auto-renewing, we require a bank-issued card for payments. 

PayPal declines

If your PayPal transaction isn’t going through, contact PayPal’s support team for more information. We have a limited view of declined payments through PayPal, but the PayPal team can check your account for the decline reason. 

If you’ve revoked Patreon’s access to your PayPal wallet in the past, only PayPal can undo that action.  


Why did my payment decline? 

Here are common reasons that payments will fail or decline: 

  • Expired credit card information
  • Incorrect payment details
  • The issuing bank has blocked the transaction
  • Patreon’s authorization has been revoked (most often with PayPal) 
  • Insufficient funds 

We recommend that you reach out to your bank or PayPal directly to get more details on the decline reason and clear things up. Asking that they authorize future payments from Patreon can fix recurring issues. 

If you've filed a PayPal dispute for Patreon in the past, you’ll need to add a new funding source to your wallet to continue using PayPal for Patreon payments. Filing a dispute with PayPal for a charge revokes our access to process payments on that PayPal funding source.

Will you retry my payment? 

We retry declined membership payments throughout the month. If your payment method is up to date and has available funds, we’ll send you a confirmation email once we successfully process your payment. 

You can also click the Retry button from your Billing History to trigger a retry.

While your payment is declining with a creator, you won't have member-only access until the payment is resolved (processed successfully).

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