Using Apple Pay as your payment method

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Checkout is quick and easy using Apple Pay. You can jump to the frequently asked questions about Apple Pay or get started with the following:

Enable Apple Pay as your payment method

If you would like to use Apple Pay for your Patreon memberships, you’ll first want to ensure the following:

  1. You are using an Apple mobile device 
  2. You are using the Safari web browser
  3. Your device has Apple Pay enabled and ready to use > Steps for enabling Apple Pay on your device

Pay for your memberships with Apple Pay

We present Apple Pay as an option only when the device is iOS, for an approved transaction that meets Apple’s guidelines. 

When you’re ready to join a creator’s page, we’ll prompt to select a payment method. Here’s how you select Apple Pay at checkout:

  1. Tap the Join button on the tier you’d like to sign up for
  2. Tap the Apple Pay button
  3. Select your preferred card and confirm payment through Apple Pay 
  4. Checkout complete!

After this step, a welcome message will greet you with more information about your membership.


Remove Apple pay as your payment method 

If you no longer wish to use Apple Pay for your memberships, you can switch payment methods by doing the following:

  1. While logged in to your patron profile on desktop or mobile web tap the menu bar in the top left corner 
  2. Tap the Manage Memberships button (pencil icon) next to your membership in the left navigation panel
  3. Select Payment Methods from the top menu bar
  4. Tap the Transfer memberships button
  5. Once your membership(s) is transferred, you can click the Remove button next to Apple Pay

We've created a guide with instructions on how to update your payment method if you need any assistance with updating a payment method.


FAQQ: Can I switch my existing memberships from a credit card or PayPal to Apple Pay?

A: The only way to use Apple Pay is to add one while pledging to a new membership or editing a current membership on an Apple device on Safari web. 


Q: Can I change to a different payment method after setting up Apple Pay? 

A: Yes, you can change your payment method by logging into your Patreon account and going to your Manage Memberships hub. We've created a guide with instructions on how to update your payment method.


Q: Why don’t I have Apple Pay as a payment option? 

A: In order to use Apple Pay, you’ll need to ensure that it is enabled. Feel free to review our section on how to enable Apple Pay for assistance with that. following . 


Q: Can I use Apple Pay to join a creator’s page in Euros or Pounds?

A: At this time we only have support for U.S. dollars with Apple Pay. 


Q: Why is my Apple Pay declining? 

A: When payments decline through Apple Pay it may be due to the following: If the Apple Pay card was added from a different device that is no longer used. Apple Pay is device specific, so if you received a new phone and Apple Pay was disabled on the old device, you will need to re-add Apple Pay in the pledge flow. 


If Apple Pay is still declining, we recommend getting in touch with your bank to ensure that nothing is blocking payments or authorizations to Patreon. Once resolved, you can attempt to resolve the declined bill again.

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