Jumio troubleshooting tips

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If you are having trouble verifying your government ID with Jumio, please try resubmitting your government ID from your page settings using the best practices below:

  • Use only valid, non-expired government-issued identification showing full name, birth date, and photo (like a license, passport, or national ID)
  • If the original government-issued identification does not work, you can also attempt to use another as long as it clearly shows your full name, birth date, and photo
  • If you are using your phone, please make sure you're using the latest version of the Patreon app and that your device is running the latest software available
  • Alternatively, you can use your preferred browser to submit your ID by going to http://patreon.com and completing the process there with your webcam (or try using your mobile browser and phone camera)
  • Make sure to take photos in a room with good lighting, and try to avoid any shadows or glare covering parts of your ID document

These tips should help with submitting your document, but if you continue encountering issues or need further assistance with this process, please submit a request.

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