Customizing Audio Previews

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Audio previews are short audio clips that allow creators to tease content on their Patreon or across their social media platforms. We’ll generate an audiogram, a short animated video clip, when audio previews are enabled. When you publish a post with an audio preview, you can share the audiogram directly to select socials or download the audiogram file to share on other social platforms.

Using audio previews

This article is about using and sharing audio previews. Audio previews are available when you create an audio post on Desktop or mobile web by uploading an audio file from your device. You can also share audio on Patreon by embedding URLs or attaching audio files to posts.

Audio previews are enabled by default for your posts if:

  • Your Patreon is in the All Audiences category
  • The audio file is at least 30 seconds long
  • Your post is locked to paid or free members (posts published for everyone cannot have an audio preview)

Turning audio previews off

Once you’ve uploaded your audio file, audio previews will be on by defaul. You can toggle the switch to turn audio previews on or off when editing/creating an audio post.


Customizing your audio previews

By default, audio previews are between 30 seconds and 5 minutes based on the length of the content. You can choose up to 50% of your content or a maximum of 10 minutes as an audio preview.

    1. Click on the Create button and choose the Audio post option
    2. Once you’ve uploaded your audio file and entered your other post details, click the Next button
    3. Click the Edit link in the Audio Preview section
    4. You can drag the box parameter to the desired section of the clip and drag the ends of the box parameter to increase or decrease the audio preview length
    5. Click the Save changes button
    6. If you’re editing your audio preview for an already published post, you’ll need to click the Save button to publish your changes

Generating audiograms for published posts

Audiograms are not retroactively generated for posts published before March 2024. To generate an audiogram for an older post, you’d like to share on socials, you can edit the audio preview for that post, and we’ll automatically generate your audiogram.

    1. Locate the audio post want to generate an audiogram for from your Patreon or published posts page
    2. Click the Edit button
    3. Click the Next button if there are no other changes you need to make
    4. If you don’t have audio previews on for the post, you’ll need to toggle the on switch to generate an audiogram
    5. If you already have an audio preview for the post, click the Edit link and adjust the audio preview timestamp to generate an audiogram
      • Click the Save changes button
    6. Click the Save button to publish your post changes
    7. Once you’ve adjusted the audio preview, the next time you click the Share option, your audiogram will be available

Sharing audio previews on socials

Once your audio post goes live, a prompt will appear, allowing you to directly share it to select platforms or export it as a downloadable file to the platform of your choice. You can also share it later by going to your audio post and selecting the Share Share.png icon.


Audiograms are a great way to turn an exclusive post into a marketing moment to attract new members. For example, giving fans a sneak peek of upcoming episodes of podcast content.

About audiograms

Audiograms are short animated video clips that you can share to your social platforms to let fans listen to snippets of your work.

Audiograms consist of:

  • Audio preview: when played, fans can listen to your preview
  • Animated soundwave: soundwave visualization that plays along with the audio
  • Animated captions: automatically generated captions (currently not customizable)


Some audiograms may not be ready right away. You may need to leave the flow as the audiogram processes in the background. Audiograms are typically generated within a few minutes. You will receive an in-platform and email notification when the audiogram is ready for download.

Who can listen to these audio previews?

Audio previews are public and can be listened to on your Patreon page or any social media platform where you share them.

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