Can I have multiple accounts?

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Yes! You can have multiple Patreon accounts. If you’re a creator or patron who’d prefer to have different accounts for different things, you can. 
Here are some things to note about managing two accounts: 
  • Accounts must have different email addresses for log in. 
  • Your accounts are not connected, and information cannot be transferred between accounts. 
  • Accounts cannot be merged. Learn more about this, here. 
  • Email addresses can only be tied to one account, so you cannot update an account to use an email address if it’s already in use. 
  • If you’re a creator with a founder’s account, this founding status does not extend to any new accounts you create. You can learn about what’s offer with which creator Platform plans, here:

If you are searching to create a separate creator page, you can learn more about creating your page, here: How do I become a creator and make a page on Patreon?

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