Making an image gallery (Patreon app)

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Making image galleries on the go with the Patreon app is easier than ever.
In this guide, we’ll take you through:

How to make an image gallery on the app

  1. Switch to your creator profile by tapping on your profile image in the top-left and selecting Switch to Creator Profile
  2. Tap the Make a Post icon.png icon
  3. Tap on Add Media to choose images from your phone library, or your phone camera. Images will appear in the order they’re selected. To deselect, tap on the image a second time
  4. Tap Done to start the upload — upload time will vary based on the file size and amount of files
  5. Give your post a title (required), and say something about your gallery (optional)
  6. Tap Edit and add captions and alt-text to your images to make them more accessible. When you've finished, tap Save and then the back back-arrow.png arrow
  7. Tap Next to select your audience, add any relevant tags, and charge patrons for the post if you charge per creation
  8. Toggle the Schedule Post option to set a later publication date or time, tap the Publish option to go live, or exit the draft and we’ll save your progress for you

Post autosave

As you work on creating your post, we'll autosave any edits you make across the post title, content, attachments, media, access, Preview Text, and scheduled time/date. When you leave the app, you'll find your work safe and sound in the Drafts section of your Posts page across desktop and mobile.

We won't autosave changes you make to already published posts, so you have the final say on edits for live posts.  

Add images, captions, or alt-text to a published post

  1. Tap on the Posts icon icon__1_.png and then Published
  2. Locate the post you want to edit and tap on it
  3. Tap on the More menu icon__2_.png and then Edit
  4. From here, you can add more images, and update the title or content
  5. If you want to edit or add captions or alt-text, tap the Edit button on the main image
  6. Tap on Add caption to add/edit an image’s caption or alt-text
    • Tap Save and then the back back-arrow.png arrow
  7. Tap Next to post your edits. You can tap the back arrow or close the app to discard your edits at any point

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