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This article will cover how to go about adding welcome notes to each individual tier. Instead of only having one welcome note for all tiers, this will allow you to make a custom thank you note for each tier. You can then immediately give your members access to benefits when they start a membership with you. Please note that only creators of the Premium and Professional plans are able to create welcome notes.

Set the tone for your members’ membership experience with custom Welcome notes for your tiers. Tiered Welcome Notes appear right after a member confirms their membership details — it’s an opportunity to deliver backlog benefits specific to their tier immediately after they join.

How to create Tiered Welcome Notes!

  1. To get started with Tiered Welcome Notes, click on the My Page link from the left sidebar navigation if you aren't already there
  2. Click on the Page controls or “” button on your main page
  3. Click on the Edit Page link and click on the Welcome Notes
  4. Select the button to Customize Welcome notes for each tier. When you select this option, you’ll find message fields created for your current tiers 
  5. Write your Tiered Welcome Notes. You'll also find a field where you can embed custom welcome videos for your Tiered Welcome Notes
  6. When you’re happy with your Tiered Welcome Notes, select the Save changes button on the upper right-hand side of your editor
  7. Once you’ve saved your changes, you can preview your Tiered Welcome Note by clicking the View current welcome note link. 

What if I don’t have all of my tiers made?

That’s okay! You can add a welcome note to your tiers at any point. 

Ideas of what to include in your Tiered Welcome Notes

Details about benefits specific to their tier

Do you only send out physical benefits on the third Wednesday of every month? Or after x months of membership? 

If there are details specific to how you deliver benefits for a certain tier, add that information here. Set your members’ expectations from the get-go for a smooth membership experience. 

Your branding

Custom welcome messages are a fantastic opportunity to add your personalized branding spin to your new members’ introduction to your page. 

Welcome videos specific to that tier

Who doesn’t love feeling special? Let your members know how much them joining that tier means to you. 

Welcome images in the body of the message

Make it fun! If you have the bandwidth, why not give each tier a special image in the welcome message.

The tips below are recommended for charge upfront creators. Since members will only access your welcome message after they’ve successfully paid and joined. Learn more in this guide on Charge Up Front

Codes or passwords that unlock content on platforms outside of Patreon (recommended for charge upfront creators)

If you have discount codes for members or passwords that unlock content on sites outside of Patreon, this is a great place to introduce this information to your members. We recommend including steps on how to save that information and access the site. 

Links to backlog digital content specific to their tier (recommended for Charge up front creators)

Do you have a Google Drive folder that you have to individually message out every time you get a new member? Including a link in your welcome message is a great way to introduce this folder to new members. 

Please share links to the backlog catalog at your discretion, as we want to make sure your content is safe/in the right hands.  If you maintain access to say a Google Drive folder, be sure to compare access with your Active members in your Relationship Manager list each month. Learn more in this guide on managing members


  • If you've created a welcome note, it will populate after members confirm their membership with you. If you've added a custom welcome video, it will populate above your special note.

  • Your custom Welcome note is the first thing members receive when they confirm their membership. We also send them a confirmation email with the same message and information.

    Members can access the information at a later time on their My Membership tab. 

  • Members will find some perks they’ve unlocked, however, there won’t be a personalized message from you. It will say, "Welcome to the Patreon community - we're glad to have you."

  • Members will find a highlight of what they’ve unlocked as your new member, as well as the opportunity to claim benefits like Discord access or RSS links.

  • Yes! Your Welcome note can be changed at any point, so they can adapt as your membership business does.

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