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This article details what aspects of your public profile may be visible, what details you can add to your public profile for others to see, and your associated account settings.

Please note that your public profile is visible to anyone in the world, and so it differs from your member profile, which is visible to fellow Patreon community members. You can visit our resource about what information you are sharing with fellow community members to learn more about member profiles.

What is visible on your public profile

When you create an account on Patreon, you automatically get a public profile. While other users can’t currently search for your public profile directly using Patreon, your profile page may be linked when you comment on a post, like a post or message, react to a post or message, join a chat room, send a chat message, express interest in an event, join an event experience, and take other community actions. Also, anyone can navigate directly to the URL for your public profile page. If the visibility of a post, chat room, event experience, or other community space later changes, then the visibility of the associated comments, messages, likes, and reactions may also adjust along with it and so may change who will be shown a link to your public profile.

What’s always visible on your public profile page

  • Your public profile name: You can use a pseudonym for your profile name if you prefer not to use your real name. You can change your profile name from your Basics settings.
  • Your public profile image: You can upload an image that you want to represent you, whether it’s an image of you or a photo of something else, like your beautiful dog. If you don’t upload an image, your profile image will default to an adorable fox avatar. You can upload a new profile image anytime from your Basics settings.
  • When you joined Patreon: The date that you created your Patreon account.
  • Social media profiles you may have connected: When you connect a social media account via your Social links settings, it will be publicly displayed on your public profile. You can choose not to display a social media account link in your public profile at any time by toggling it off in your Social links settings. If you haven’t connected any of your social media accounts to your Patreon account, then this information will not appear on your public profile.
  • Your bio: A biographical description of yourself that you’ve added to your Patreon account. If you haven’t added a bio, then this information will not appear on your public profile.

Please note that all aspects of your public profile must comply with our Community Guidelines.

What else you can choose to display on your public profile

In addition to your profile name, image, account creation date, and connected socials and/or a bio if you’ve added them, you can also choose to publicly display the following information on your public profile page by enabling your Full public profile setting:

  • Creators you support: A list of creators you currently support and the following information for each such creator:
    • Your current membership tier
    • Your recurring payment amount, and
    • The date you started supporting them

Note: For a more complete explanation of what information about you may be publicly visible, please review Patreon’s Privacy Policy.

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