Why can't I view or create adult content in my country?

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As our global community of creators and patrons continues to grow, we will regularly review our Community Guidelines to ensure that they align with the laws and regulations for each region in which we operate. 

While Patreon allows for certain categories of adult content on our site, we are unable to host adult content in certain regions where it is prohibited by law.

What does this mean for me as a patron? 

Patrons located in a region where adult content is regulated by law will be prevented from pledging to or consuming adult content. 

What does this mean for me as a creator? 

If you are a creator located in a region that prohibits adult content, you will not be allowed to publish content on Patreon that involves adult/mature themes. If your page is found to be outside of our Community Guidelines, our Trust & Safety team will contact you to resolve the matter. 

Creators in these regions are required to confirm when signing up that their content does not involve adult/mature themes.

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