How to make a post

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Posts are where your audio, video, image and written creations live for your members to enjoy. Posts are an instant and direct connection to your community. You have the option to publish posts exclusively for paid members (either for all or specific tiers), for free members or publicly accessible for anyone who visits your Patreon.

Posts are accessible from your members’ recent feed, your page and via email notifications for members who opt in. If you’ve enabled our RSS feature, your audio post content will also populate paid members’ private RSS feeds.

How to make a new post

As you create your post, we’ll auto-save any changes you make. If you exit the post editor, we’ll save your post as a draft for you to work on later.

If you have paid offerings, you can control tier access to your posts

You can control which paid members have access to your posts, depending on their selected tier. You can choose which membership tiers are allowed to access each post, giving you the ability to target your paid members with exclusive benefits and messages. To publish posts for a specific Tier, choose the option Paid members only, make sure to toggle off All paid members and instead select manually which Tiers have access to the post. By default, all tiers are selected, so remember to deselect any tiers you want to exclude.

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