Posting to your Patreon

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All creators with a Patreon can post their audio, video, image and written creations directly to their pages for fans to enjoy. You can post from your Desktop computer or the Patreon app. You can publish posts exclusively for paid members (all or specific tiers), free members or publicly for anyone visiting your Patreon.

The mobile app supports other types of posts but not audio uploads. For sharing audio content, always use the desktop version of Patreon.

How to publish a post

We’ll auto-save any changes you make as you create your post. So you exit the post editor, and we’ll save your post as a draft for you to work on later.

Controlling access to your posts

When creating or editing a post, you can set post access to the following audiences:

  • Public: Visible to anyone who visits your Patreon
  • All members: Paid and Free members
  • Paid members only: All of your paying members
  • Free members only: Paid members will not have access to this post
  • Selected tiers: Visible to the tiers you select – all of your tiers will be selected by default, and you can deselect which tiers should not have access

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