Can I offer a raffle as part of a benefit?

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Everybody loves the thrill of winning something, that is just part of our nature. In the past, we used to allow raffles but we have recently decided to take a stronger stance against tier benefits and goals that involve any kinds of giveaway.

We decided that this approach was the best moving forward if we want to comply with gambling regulations. We understand that your own country or region might have different legislation, but as a global company we want to make sure that creators can safely offer similar benefits to all of their patrons without being at risk of breaking the law.

That said, we understand that raffle type of rewards are a strong incentive for patrons to pledge and there are many ways to do similar things.

As a creator, you can always create a higher tier for a limited amount of patrons for rewards that are too difficult to create for all of your patrons. You can also offer certain surprises for your patrons to celebrate special moments such as a year supporting your work, therefore encouraging your patrons to follow you in the long term. You can also consider conducting a giveaway for all of your fans, without restricting it to just patrons, but make sure you check what laws you have to comply with as giveaways are still regulated.

As always there is room for you to be creative and if you have any doubts, please send us a note – we are always happy to help.

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