How do I set up an early access post

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Early access posts are a way to share content with your patrons before it goes live publicly on Patreon.

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Creating an early access post

  1. While logged in to your creator account, click on the Create button from the left-hand side of your creator menu
  2. Draft your post as you normally would
  3. Select the Early access checkbox
    If you're on our Lite plan choose Patrons Only to reveal the early access checkbox
  4. Choose the date and time (must be at least 24 hrs in the future) you’d like your post to go public — public Patreon posts can be viewed by anyone who has a link to your page
  5. You can publish your post immediately for patrons, or schedule it to publish later (details below)

Scheduling an early access post to publish later

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow next to the Publish button, and select Schedule
  2. Set a publish date and time. Be sure to select a date before your post will go public so that the early access feature serves its purpose
  3. Click the Schedule button and you’re all set!

Can I schedule an early access post on the Patreon app?

Scheduling a post isn’t an option on the Patreon app. You can schedule a post on Desktop and Mobile web versions of Patreon.

If you'd like to schedule an early access post and are creating your post on the go, you can create your post on the Mobile web version (i.e. Chrome, or Firefox) of Patreon to schedule your post. Alternatively, draft your post in the app (we’ll autosave your edits), and revisit your post to schedule on Desktop, or Mobile web at a later time.

How will my patrons be notified of the early access post?

If they have email notifications enabled for posts, your patrons will receive an email about the early access post (if they have access).

Once the post goes public on the date you set, all other patrons and followers will get an email notifying them they can view the post if they have email notifications enabled.


Can I set an early access post for higher tiers and then lower tiers?

Early access posts can only go from certain tiers/all patrons access to public access.

What if I decide to release the post early to the public?

If you’d like to release an early access post to the public ahead of the scheduled public date, you can update the post by clicking edit. You can then make the post public. That simple 🙂

Once you make an early access post visible to the public, you won’t be able to make the post early access again. So be sure that you're ready to have the posts set as public.

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