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Get more members engaging with your text posts! You can now control how your new text posts are shown in email notifications for your members.

By default, email notifications for text posts include a short preview of the post, encouraging members to visit your site or app for the full content. If preferred, you can change the settings to include the entire post in the emails. Either way, you're in charge of how your content is shared. Read on to learn more.

How it works

This toggle is currently available for text posts only. Other post types have their own formats for how post types are previewed.

When creating a text post, during the second step, you'll find the Show members the entire post in the email notification toggle located at the bottom of the page, alongside other controls. This toggle allows you to choose whether members will see the entire content of your text post directly in their email notifications or if they need to visit the website/app to read the full post.


This toggle is currently off by default. This means that when you create a new text post and don't change the toggle, the notification email for that post that is sent out to members will be preview only. Turning this feature on will mean the entire text post is shown instead of just a preview when members receive an email notification for that post.

Once you change the toggle, the preference will be saved as the default for future new posts, and you can always change it every time you create a new text post.

How this looks like for members

When Show members the entire post in the email notifications toggle is off, members will be shown a short preview of your text post in their email, prompting them to visit the app or website to read the full version. Check below an example of what this looks like for your members:

image (27) (1).png

Members who don’t receive the full version of text posts will be more likely to engage and visit the app or Patreon website, where they can take more actions like comment or view more posts.

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