Setting up a podcast on Patreon

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Our RSS feed feature allows you to turn your audio posts into a podcast your members can listen to on their favorite podcast apps.

You can also customize how your podcast shows on different podcast apps by giving it a title, writing a description, and uploading cover artwork We recommend adding Patreon episodes in the title for exclusive episodes available to your members. This way, fans can easily identify which episodes are part of your public releases and which are unlocked by joining your membership.

Read more below to find out how the different RSS feed options can enhance your listener’s experience.

Patreon RSS Feed

Use Patreon to host both your free and paid episodes on Patreon –All of this in one single feed for members. Patreon has a built-in feature that allows you to turn audio posts on Patreon into a podcast that your members can access through a private RSS link. Members can then use their private links to listen to your episodes on their favorite podcast apps.

Here are a few things to know about the Patreon RSS:

  • Only Audio posts will show up in the RSS feed and be made available to listen to on podcast apps. Your members will need to come back to your Patreon page to check any other content you've posted. Learn more about Sharing your audio files with members
  • Each member gets their own private link, and their login information is built into their feed. This means that when they use the RSS link to access your podcast, they'll only see the episodes meant for their specific membership tier
  • If you use the Patreon RSS feed, you can enable the Patreon Spotify integration. Your members can listen to your exclusive audio posts on Spotify, and the content is hidden from non-members, making it a great way to promote your Patreon!

You can turn on the Patreon RSS feed by going to your Podcast and audio settings. Learn more about Enabling audio RSS for members.

Acast RSS feed

Patreon offers a private RSS functionality powered by Acast. If you choose this option instead of Patreon RSS, the content will be hosted on Acast instead of Patreon. Your members will not need to manually add the feed but instead OAuth directly on the platform where they’d like to listen to your show.

You can enable the Acast RSS feed by going to your Podcast and audio settings. Learn more about Delivering member-only podcast feeds with Acast.

Note that, at this time, we are not supporting the ability to turn on the Spotify integration if you are using Acast for RSS distribution.

Sync with Spotify

If you use Patreon RSS, you will also have the option to enable our Spotify integration, which lets you distribute all of your Patreon podcast episodes to Spotify. Make it easier for new fans to discover your paid content and more convenient for existing members to listen to their favorite shows through their preferred podcast player.

Here are a few things to know about the Spotify integration:

  • A Spotify account is not required to use the integration your Patreon episodes will be distributed to a new Spotify page that hosts all of the Patreon-exclusive content, this is separate from any existing pages you might have
  • You need to enable Patreon RSS to have the option to Sync with Spotify
  • Members can listen directly on Spotify by linking both accounts (Patreon and Spotify)
  • When fans find your content on Spotify, your Patreon content will show up as a padlock with a Paid tag and prompt the listener to link their Patreon to Spotify and sign up for a membership, which is a great way to promote your page!

You can Sync with Spotify by going to your Podcast and audio settings. Learn more about Delivering podcasts with Spotify.

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