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If you are a podcaster with a creator account on Patreon, you can now distribute your Patreon-exclusive podcasts for your fans to listen to on Spotify! Make it easier for new fans to discover your paid content and more convenient for existing members to listen to their favorite shows through their preferred podcast player.

How to sync with Spotify

All you need to sync with Spotify is a creator account on Patreon. A Spotify account is not required to use the integration.

To enable the integration with Spotify, please log in and follow the instructions below

  1. Click on the Settings link from the left navigation
  2. In your Creator Account settings, click on the Podcast and audio tab
    • If you’re not finding this option, click on your profile name in the bottom left corner > click on your creator profile > start at step 1
  3. If you haven’t yet enabled a feed for members:
    • Turn on Podcasting to turn your audio posts into a podcast that your members can listen to on other podcast apps, and click Patreon RSS feed (Note that Acast RSS is not compatible with Spotify)
    • Your podcast information will automatically be filled out based on what you’ve shared on Patreon, but you can edit as you see fit
    • Click Save settings
  4. Toggle on Sync your audio posts with Spotify. This will sync all your current and future audio posts
    • We suggest adding to the descriptor of your podcast and each audio post that fans on Spotify will only be able to access episodes in line with the tier they are subscribed to.
    • Only audio posts on your Patreon will be distributed to Spotify. Any shops listed on Patreon will not be distributed to Spotify
  5. Click Save settings. Follow the steps on the screen, and you’re all set!
    • Syncing will complete in 30 minutes, but in some instances, it can take longer — you can come back later or refresh the page to check the status of the sync
  6. (Optional) View Spotify-specific data and insights of your podcast, or add a promotional banner to any existing or new Spotify page through Spotify for Podcasters using the Spotify RSS URL. Learn more about Linking and promoting your paid podcast

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Once you turn on the integration, you can click view your podcast on Spotify to check your Spotify page as a fan would.

Your Patreon episodes will be distributed to a new Spotify page that hosts all of the Patreon-exclusive content and is separate from your existing Spotify page (If you already have one).

Manage your audio posts

When you sync with Spotify, whatever is on Patreon will be mirrored on your Spotify page. This means that:

  • All your audio posts will be available on Spotify. But don't worry, not just anyone can access them. Member-exclusive audio posts will be locked to members only.
  • Any edits you make to your audio posts will be reflected on Spotify as well
  • If you delete an audio post, it will also be deleted from Spotify
  • Access to your Spotify episodes will also depend on how you set access to those posts on Patreon. Read more about Managing access to your posts
    • If set to Public/Everyone — all your fans can listen to that audio post on Spotify, regardless if they are a member or if they have a Patreon account
    • If set to All patrons/Paid members only — all paid members can listen to that audio on Spotify
    • If you Select a tier all paid members within the tier you choose can listen to that audio on Spotify

For creators that are letting members join for free (early access feature), the posting options are Everyone and Paid members only, instead of Public and All patrons.


  • In order to make your podcast available on Spotify, Spotify needs the information necessary to create and populate a page for your podcast on Spotify.

    To that end, when you sync your podcast with Spotify, you are sending to Spotify your podcast title, description, cover artwork, author name, public author email address, and all of your existing audio posts on Patreon, including the text for those posts.

    You are also choosing to share all of your future audio posts with Spotify, including the text for those posts.

  • Your Patreon episodes will be distributed to a new Spotify page that hosts all of the Patreon-exclusive content.

    When fans find your content on Spotify, your Patreon content will show up as a padlock with a Paid tag, prompting the listener to link their Patreon to Spotify and sign up for a membership. This can be a great way to promote your Patreon to a wider audience!


    For paid members

    After members link their accounts to Spotify, your audio posts will show as unlocked for them according to the tier they are in. The tier permission is done at the post level on Patreon.

    Feel free to refer to Managing access to your posts to learn more about setting post access.

    If you set your audio posts to Public/Everyone, everyone can listen to your content on Spotify regardless if they have a membership or a Patreon account.


  • Yes, members will need to link their Patreon accounts to access your episodes on Spotify. They will be able to do this on Spotify after you’ve turned on the ability to sync with Spotify on their Patreon account settings.

    Members will only have access to the podcast episodes that are available on their tier. Learn more about how your members can listen to your content on Spotify.

  • You do not need a Spotify for Podcasters account to turn on the integration.
  • In the Podcast and audio tab, you can turn off Sync your audio posts with Spotify. Turning off this option means that your Patreon-exclusive episodes will no longer show up on Spotify.

    Creator Settings Patreon 2023-08-02 at 12.05.25 PM.jpg

  • Yes, all of the audio posts previously posted before turning on the Spotify integration will also be available for fans to listen to on Spotify.
  • Yes, any posts that are audio posts will be available to listen to on Spotify.
  • At this time, we are not supporting the ability to turn on the Spotify integration if you are using Acast for RSS distribution.
  • Yes, you will be able to turn on the Spotify integration even if you’re not on a paid Patreon plan.
  • At this time, you will not be able to choose audio posts to distribute on Spotify. All of your audio posts will be available to listen to on Spotify, or you can delete a specific audio post that will then be reflected on your Spotify page.
  • Any analytics data related to Patreon-exclusive episodes that fans listen to on Spotify will be available on Spotify for Podcasters if you claim your Spotify page. Learn more about Linking and promoting your paid podcast.
  • If the episodes are locked on Patreon, that will also be the case on Spotify. Once their membership term ends, members no longer have access to paid episodes on Spotify. This is also true if a member cancels or their payment method declines.

    When a member cancels, access will be revoked according to the billing model you’ve chosen for your Patreon page:

    • If monthly (non-charge upfront) or per creation, members immediately lose access to the paid episodes
    • If charge upfront or subscription billing, access to paid episodes will be revoked at the end of a member’s final billing cycle
    • If the member is on an annual membership, access to paid episodes will be revoked when their yearly membership ends
  • You can check if the member’s payment is in good standing and if they are in the correct membership option to unlock Spotify content by going to your Relationship Manager.

    If you've verified the above and they continue to run into difficulties, feel free to send them the following article: Listen to Patreon exclusive audios on Spotify. The article FAQ includes troubleshooting for different issues that may arise.

    It’s important to note that only Audio posts are mirrored on Spotify; other types of posts won't be visible there.

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