Providing your VAT ID number

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If you have a relevant VAT ID in a non-US location, we encourage you to share this with us. Your VAT registration status may impact our obligation to apply tax on fees, as well as the tax collection obligations on marketplace sales.

You can share your VAT ID through the W8 form available in the Tax Section of your Patreon account.

How to add your VAT ID number on Desktop:

  1. Go to Settings > Billing and payouts
  2. Under Tax settings, click Fill out W8 Form / W-8BEN-E
    • If you already have a W8 filled out, there will be an Update link instead
  3. Enter your VAT Identification Number
    • W-8BEN line “7. VAT/GST Identification Number”
    • W-8BEN-E line “9c. VAT/GST Identification Number”
  4. Complete the rest of the form
  5. Click Submit this form

Relevant VAT ID Numbers

Requirements for proof of business status may include a valid VAT/GST ID (or similar tax or business registration number). Reference to such identification numbers may be different from country to country. Note that for a VAT/GST ID to be accepted by Patreon, this should be validated and generally valid at the time of transaction. We encourage you to carry out such validations on your side before sharing this number with us.

Below are samples of VAT/GST ID numbers and their format, which will be considered and should be provided for a number of relevant countries.

Country Support for VAT business status Format
Australia ABN Number 11-digit number
Belarus УНП (UNP, business) 9-digital number
Canada GST / HST / QST ID GST/HST 9-digit number e.g., 99999 9999 RT0001.
10-digit number e.g., 9999999999 TQ0001.
Chile RUT 9 digits
Iceland VAT ID (VSK) 5 or 6 digits
New Zealand - GST GST ID 8 or 9 digits
Norway - VAT VAT ID 9 digits + “MVA”
Saudi Arabia TRN 15 digits
Singapore UEN/ GST ID / NRIC 10 letters and/or digits
South Korea BRN (Business Registration Number) 10 digits
Switzerland VAT ID 9 digits + MWST e.g., 999.999.999 MWST
Taiwan VAT ID 8 digits
Thailand TIN 13 digits
Turkey VAT ID 10 digits
Ukraine ЄДРПОУ (EDRPOU) 8 digits

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