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The European Union is introducing new VAT rules on the shipment of goods beginning July 1, 2021, and requiring VAT to be paid on all imports to the EU regardless of their value (previously, any item below €22 did not have VAT applied). Luckily, Patreon will take as much of the administrative burden away from Creators as possible so you can continue to do what you do best. 

As Patreon is deemed an online marketplace for digital services, and sometimes physical goods, we are responsible for collecting and remitting the tax paid on behalf of all of our creators for pledges from your EU patrons. 

Very little will change for you and you can continue to send items to your patrons with the comfort of knowing we will sort the tax on your behalf. All you need to do is let your courier know our VAT number – this way, they will know that the tax has already been taken care of. If you fail to do this, they may add the cost of taxes to your delivery charge.  

The following table provides the VAT or IOSS numbers you may need to use, depending on where you are sending goods to and from

EU Creators sending to EU Patrons


EU Creators sending to Non-EU Patrons

No changes

Non-EU Creators sending to EU Patrons

IOSS number – IM3720003517

Non-UK Creators sending to UK Patrons


UK Creators sending to UK Patrons

No changes

If you are sending items to the UK then the same rules apply – you just need to use Patreon's UK VAT number which is: 372418593.

Filling out courier forms

Each courier will have a slightly different way of approaching how to fill in the forms required and may refer to the IOSS number in a different way such as a TIN (Tax identification number), a Tax ID, a VAT number, or something similar. We have provided some examples below, but if you have any difficulty filling out these forms, please reach out to your courier directly. Your customs declaration forms will require you to list out the item(s) being shipped, so you should try to be as precise as possible. 

The following table contains a list of couriers that are commonly used across the EU, along with instructions on where to include the IOSS number:

Customer Shipping Platform

Where to enter the IOSS number

Please contact directly

FedEx Ship manager

Sender Tax ID

FedEx Ship Manager Server

Field 1139 – Sender IRS/EIN/EORI Number

FedEx Web Services



Shippers TINS Number


VAT field


Shippers TINS Number

DHL Express

IOSS identification number/Type is IOSS/Issuing country is Ireland


Tax ID 


IOSS Tax ID number on the Dutiable Options tab, under Shipment Tax ID. 

ELP – Express Logistics Platform

Add an IOSS Tax ID information under Contacts, in the Address Book in a new section called “TAX Registration”.



DHL Express Commerce

IOSS number – found in “Shipper Tax Settings”

Other Courier

Please contact your courier for more information

Royal Mail

VAT reg number

It is useful to be aware that some countries within the EU have expressed concern that they are not yet ready for these new rules. At the moment, we don’t know what this means as applied to Patreon creators yet, but please know that delays in delivery of goods may be experienced as a result. 

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