EU Creator: Frequently Asked Tax Questions

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Do I have to collect VAT on my Patron pledges?

No, Patreon collects and remits VAT on pledges. Learn more about how VAT works on Patreon in this help guide:  How VAT (Value Added Tax) works on Patreon

Does Patreon withhold any taxes from my payments?

No. Patreon doesn’t withhold any taxes from your funds earned on Patreon. You can review your earnings by visiting the Income section of your page.

Does Patreon charge and remit VAT in my name or Patreon's name?

Patreon charges and remits VAT in Patreon’s name. 

Is the money I earn from Patreon classified as ‘taxable income’?

In many jurisdictions across Europe, your income is classified as taxable income.

If my Patreon is an EU-based charity or non-profit is my Patreon income still classified as taxable income?

Tax laws vary by country, so unfortunately we are unable to provide specific tax advice. 

Does Patreon withhold any tax on my payments to the US government?

No. Patreon doesn’t withhold any taxes from your funds earned on Patreon. You can find your earnings by clicking on Patrons > and then clicking on the Documents link from the menubar.

Does the VAT my patrons pay go to the US? If not, where?

The VAT your Patrons pay is collected by Patreon and remitted to the countries where your Patrons are based. You can review countries where VAT has been collected in the Documents section of your page. 

What is a W8BEN form?

A W8BEN officially called a ‘Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for United States Tax Withholding and Reporting is a Form that would allow Patreon to treat users as unrelated to the United States and outside of reporting obligations. The U.S. requires that we report all users to whom we transfer more than $20,000 and who are “U.S. citizens or who we have reason to believe are U.S. citizens.” A person paid in USD would give rise to the assumption of U.S. citizenship, which we can rebut with a completed form. In other words, the form is a mechanism to prove non-U.S. citizenship.

How much VAT is charged per country?

VAT rates vary depending on each country. You can find a full list of VAT percentages here.

If I am paid by Patreon’s Irish Entity why do I need to sign W8BEN?

As per our terms, all Creators contract with Patreon, Inc., a U.S. entity. As such, all payments are coming from the U.S. entity.

What are tax treaty benefits?

In the event that you were a U.S. citizen living abroad (or alternatively a foreign citizen living or performing within the United States), tax treaties would ensure that you were not taxed twice on the same income. For most people, this is inapplicable, and only your home country (assuming you live where you are a citizen) will tax your income.

How do I report my Patreon income to the tax authorities without a proper invoice?

We are working on improved invoices, but in the meantime, all of the information required to report your income is readily available in the “earnings” tab of your creator homepage.

My tax advisor also doesn’t know how to report income from Patreon, where do we find information on that?

Tax laws vary by country, so unfortunately we are unable to provide specific tax advice.

How do I handle income from Patreon if I’m a VAT registered business?

Patreon is working on improving its invoice functionality. In the meantime, VAT registered businesses should treat our fees under the reverse-charge scheme.

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