How to erase your Patreon account (Account Deletion)

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Deleting your Patreon account is a non-reversible action that erases all your data from the platform. This process can take up to 30 days and is not a substitute for canceling memberships or payments — for this, please check Canceling a membership instead.

To delete a Patreon account, you must submit the account for deletion through our Privacy Center. Keep reading to learn more.

Key things to know before deleting your account:

  • The account deletion process can take up to 30 days — There isn’t a way to speed this up
  • To avoid unwanted charges that can still occur during the deletion process, make sure to cancel all active memberships before submitting your deletion request. Learn more about Canceling a membership
  • Once the deletion process starts, you have 14 days to stop it. We will send follow-up emails that you can respond to if you wish to cancel the data deletion. You can also cancel the deletion process by accessing the Privacy Center and going to your Active requests
  • After 30 days, all your data will be permanently erased. There isn’t a way to reactivate your deleted account or restore the deleted data.

Note for creators: If you no longer want to run a membership but still want to keep your account, consider unpublishing your Patreon and keep your account as member-only. If you no longer wish to receive emails about your creators’ content or announcements from Patreon, you can unsubscribe from notification emails.

Deleting your Patreon account and data

Once the deletion process is complete (after 30 days), all data is permanently erased and cannot be restored. If you wish to return to Patreon, you will need to create a new account.

  1. Visit our Privacy policy center and click the Make a Privacy Request button on the top right corner
  2. Select the option to Erase your data from our systems If you are not logged in to your Patreon account, you’ll be asked to log in using your Patreon account credentials
  3. Click the Allow button so our data deletion partner, Transcend, can view your Patreon account. They must have access to the account to erase it
  4. A window will appear asking you to confirm the erasure of your account and data

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Once you’ve submitted your account for deletion, it can take up to 30 days for your data to be erased and your account fully deleted. During this time, our data deletion partner, Transcend, will send follow-up emails to your account's email address about the status of your deletion request.

You have 14 days to stop the deletion process. To cancel, either respond to these follow-up emails or go to the Privacy Center, click on Active Requests, and cancel your request.

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