Troubleshoot problems on the Patreon app

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Having an issue on the Patreon app? 

There are a few troubleshooting steps we recommend trying that may resolve the issue. Follow the instructions below – if you’re the issue persists, please let us know! We’re happy to look into things further. 

Step 1: Sign out of the Patreon app, and uninstall the app. 

Step 2: Restart your phone. 

Step 3: Once your phone is back online, reinstall the Patreon app on your phone. 

We resolve bugs with new app releases, so reinstalling the latest version of the app may clear up an issue from a later version that we’ve since fixed. 

You’ll find the latest versions of the Patreon app here: 

Sometimes doing a manual installation (rather than using the update feature) will clear up some issues.

Step 4: Check if you have any software updates available for your device. 

Some issues can be introduced by the combination of your app and OS version, so making sure you have the most current versions of both is key.

Step 5: If you're in an area with lower reception, you can also try connecting to WiFi, which could result in some improvement.

Still running into the same problem? 

Click the ‘Email Patreon Support’ button below, and let us know. When you submit your ticket, providing the following information will expedite our investigation: 

  • A screenshot of any errors you're encountering
  • Device type (iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy?)  

  • OS version

  • Version of the Patreon app you are using

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