Limit member spots in your tier

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When creating or editing your tier, you can limit the number of available member spots to keep a tier exclusive or give you more control over the number of benefits you’ll need to fulfill.

To set a member tier limit, go through the following steps:

  1. While logged in to your creator account, click on the My Page link from the left sidebar navigation
    • If you do not see the My Page link, click on your profile in the bottom left corner > select your Creator profile > then click on My Page from the left navigation
  2. Click on the Membership tab on your page
  3. You can click the pencil-edit-button.png Edit tier button for an existing tier or click on the Add tier button to start with a fresh tier
  4. Scroll down and click on Advanced tier settings
  5. In the Tier Settings section, click on the Limit number of patrons who can join this tier option
  6. Enter the number of patrons you’ll permit in the tier
  7. Click the Save button to confirm your changes

Make sure you are only using the patron limit option for benefits that will be difficult for you to fill with more patrons in that tier. If a patron tries to sign up for a tier level that has reached capacity, they may reconsider becoming your patron.

What if a member’s payment declines?

We regularly retry declined membership payments and notify members when payment hasn’t gone through to allow them to resolve the issue. For this reason, their spot in your tier remains occupied until they cancel their membership.

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