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Tier highlighting is available to creators on our Pro and Premium plans with more than 1 tier. A recommended tier will be turned on for you by default, read on to learn more about the different settings and how you can change them when it lands.

Introducing tier highlighting - you can now choose from a couple of options to highlight your tiers on your creator page! The “Earnings potential” option has been selected to start, but to switch highlighting options or turn this off, visit your Membership Tab settings. Read on to see our list of FAQ.


  • Tier highlighting is currently only available for creators who have more than 1 tier
  • Tier highlighting is available to creators on our Pro and Premium platform plans

How will tier highlighting look on my page?

A default option has been selected to start and will appear on your tier using your chosen brand colors. Tier highlighting is automatically shown on your public-facing tier page (pictured below): 


Where can I adjust or turn off tier highlighting?

There are two available options for tier highlighting:

  1. Earnings potential: is the tier that is predicted to increase your earnings. This will appear on your page with the label “You may like,” or it can appear as “Most popular” if your most popular tier gives you the best chance at earnings potential
  2. Most popular: where your most popular tier (most patrons) is highlighted. This will appear on your page with the label “Most popular”

You can also choose your own tier to highlight on your page. This will appear as Recommended by creator. Simply select the tier in your settings window on your Membership Tab.



What’s the benefit of tier highlighting?

Tier highlighting allows you to draw attention to a specific tier, encouraging more visitors to become patrons by helping them decide which tier to join.

Can I choose my own tier? 

Yes, you can choose your tier to highlight!

Can I customize the highlighting label?

The highlighting label will use your default creator page colors. You cannot change the copy on the label.

What does ‘Earnings potential’ mean?

A tier has been selected by observing your “Most popular” tier performance against another tier and predicting which one would help increase your earnings.

Why doesn’t the selection change between ‘Earnings potential’ vs. ‘Most popular’?

For some creators, the most popular tier is the predicted tier that would best increase your earnings.

Why can’t I see the most popular tier highlighted?

Your most popular tier may be a tier that is below the fold, meaning it is positioned on the lower half of the page and is only visible when patrons click to expand your tier offerings. Visitors can expand your tiers to review the highlighted most popular tier.

Why don’t I have tier highlighting?

Tier highlighting is currently only available for creators with more than 1 tier. We will be building out more functionalities for tier highlighting in the future.

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