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Having an issue with the site? 

There are a few troubleshooting steps we recommend that may resolve the issue. Retry your action after each steps. If the issue is resolved after one of the steps, there’s no need to keep troubleshooting. slightly smiling face 

Step 1: Check for any updates for your browser. While older browser versions may work, it’s best to have the most current versions for better performance of the site. Once updated, reattempt. 

You can find a list of supported browse by clicking this link here.

Even if you already use one of these browsers, test things out using a secondary browser.

Step 2: Remove or disable any add-ons, or extensions that didn’t come with your browser originally. Sometimes the added software, including ad-blockers, can negatively impact the site. 

Step 3: If the issue persists, reattempt while logged in using an incognito (private) browser. Using an incognito browser window allows the site to function without the influence of added add-ons and extension software. 

Step 4: Restart your computer. Be sure to fully power down, and restart your device – simply putting your computer to “sleep” won’t do the trick. 

Step 5: Restart your modem and/or router. Once you’re back online, reattempt. 

Still encountering the issue? 

If you think that there's a larger issue, or 'bug' on the site, send us a note with a screenshot of what's happening with the inspect console open, and our team will take it from there. 

You can open your browser’s inspect console by right-clicking, and selecting inspect from the drop down menu that opens. From here, select console from the top bar. Once the console is open, retry the action you’re having an issue with (i.e. clicking a button, or submitting a payment). 

Please take a screenshot of the entire page, including any red error messages. This information will help our team with reproducing, and reporting any issue. 

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