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Do you have an idea for a new feature or some feedback to submit? Now, there is no need to leave your workflow to tell us about it! All you need to do is open the Creator Resources menu in the bottom left corner of any page on Patreon and select Feature Requests and submit your idea.

Who can submit feature requests?

Any creator can submit feature requests or feedback. To access the Feature Request Form, your system and browser language must be set to English and accept cookies for Patreon for the pop-up to appear. It can also help to disable any pop-up blockers you have on Patreon. 

Where do the requests and feedback go? 

Directly to our Product team! We review the feedback coming into this form alongside all of the feedback we get from social media, support tickets, and conversations with creators to identify common themes and areas to improve. This is an important step in deciding where we should focus next. 

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