How to pin a post

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This resource will cover how to pin a member-only post to your homepage so that it’s the first post that members see when they land on your homepage. You can pin the first post in a series, a post explaining how your page works, or your most engaged post as a starting point for new members. Please note that only members will be able to see pinned posts. 

How do I pin a post to my homepage?

On web and mobile web you can pin one of your published posts so that it’s the first post members see when they visit your page — here’s how:

How do I remove a pinned post from my page?

Unpinning a post is as easy as pinning it. Just click on the red pin button. Once you confirm the change, you won’t have a pinned post on your Posts page anymore.


  • Not at the moment! We’re continuing to experiment and iterate on how your benefits are accessed by members. So this may change.

  • Yes! You can use our collections and tag features to guide your members through your content. Both collections and tags are discoverable from a dedicated Collections tab on your page.

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